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  • 5 reusable twisties
  • Pulls hair up without leaving a mark
  • Protects hair extensions
  • Easily worn on wrist

These revolutionary hair Twisties serve as a bun and ponytail holder without marking the hair with an unattractive dented line. Use them to pull your hair up to protect your extensions at night, or away from the sweat while you work out! The stretchy telephone cord shape allows it to grip firmly to the hair without placing uncomfortable pressure on the head, ensuring that it stays in all day until you want to remove it.

Aftercare Done Right

Summer is mere days away, so we’re stepping up our aftercare game to make sure your hair looks fabulous all season long. For the next few days*, take 20% off the following aftercare products, and be sure to read up on how to use them for maximum protective effect!

Real Hair Extension Essentials for Holiday Travel

Taking care of real hair extensions while you travel doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right products and instructions, you can don your best hair everywhere