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Rebonds - Black

Rebonds - Black


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Hair Rebonds

  • 1 pack of 25 Rebonds
  • Allows stylist to reuse Kera-Link Extensions
  • Made with 100% keratin
  • Installed using the Melting Connector

When it's time to tighten or reuse Kera-Link hair, use Donna Bella Rebonds. They're made with 100% keratin and are fused to hair with the Melting Connector for a smooth finish. Rebonds can be placed on top of old bonds or on strands whose old keratin bonds have been cut off.

Rebonds can be used to tighten Kera-Link extensions, moving them closer to the scalp.

Also available in Clear and Brown. When rebonds are heated, color may fade to a chalk color.

Using Donna Bella hair extension accessories guarantees that both original hair and the hair extensions are treated properly and last a long time. Our bonds are designed to work with Donna Bella hair and the Donna Bella Melting Connector; we recommend using only our products for the best results.

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