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The Classic

The Classic



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Classic Hair Extension Tool

  • 1 stainless steel extension tool
  • Helps install and remove beaded extensions
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip
  • 1 year guarantee

Just as the name suggests, “The Classic” is a reliable favorite and the keystone of hair extension installation and removal. The Classic features the familiar design of the original Donna Bella Hair Extension Tool, with a few slight redesigns, like an easy-to-grip, ergonomic handle and a higher caliber stainless steel finish for increased durability, to make installing and removing hair extensions a cinch.

Use tool for crimping and removing beads in the I-Link and Flat-Tip Methods, as well as for breaking off the keratin bond when using the Kera-Link Method (after applying Keratin Bond Remover).

Using Donna Bella hair extension accessories guarantees that both original hair and the hair extensions are treated properly and safely. Our products are designed to work with Donna Bella hair and bonds; we recommend only using our products for the best results.

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Donna Bella has updated and expanded its hair extension tool line. These new tools are designed mostly for I-Link hair extension and removal, but can also be used with Kera-Link extension removal.

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