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Color Ring

Color Ring


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Color Ring

  • 54 color swatches of hair
  • Helps provide exact color match
  • Lists extension types available for each color
  • Easy to display

Find the perfect match from one of Donna Bella's 54 colors of hair extensions. Finding the right hair color is easy when you have the actual hair on-hand. Show your clients the Color Ring to help them choose the best shade. The samples are made from high-quality Donna Bella hair so you can touch and feel a sample of the hair you’ll be ordering. Easy to hold, store, and share. Additional hair samples can be added to the ring, so whenever we come out with a new color, you can easily add it to the ring!

Each sample lists the method(s) available in that color. Order with confidence knowing you've seen the colors for yourself.

Available Colors:

1, 1B, 2, 3R, 4, 5B, 5R, 6, 6/10, 8, 10, 12, 12/600, 22, 24, 27, 27a, 27/613, 30, 30/33, 33, 35, 38, 60, 600, 613, 1001, 99J, Black Wine, Blue, Burgundy, Dark Fuchsia, Green, Midnight Purple, Pink, Purple, Red Wine, Red, Teal, Silver, Soft Pink, T1B-Burgundy, 1B-Purple, 1B-Red, Ombre 12/60, Ombre 12/600, Ombre 1B/6, Ombre 1B/60, Ombre 1B/Silver, Ombre 1B/Teal, Ombre 2/27A, Ombre 7/30/613, Ombre 4/613

Choosing your Hair Extension Color with Donna Bella

Color Match

5 Ways Hair Extension Tools can Make Your Salon More Efficient

Your salon is a busy place, especially where hair extensions are concerned. The good news is—as with any art form—there’s a rhyme and reason to the process hidden in your hair extension tools.

How to Have a Successful Consultation with a Color Client

Hair extension consultations are important as it is—they make up the basis of a successful installation—but they are particularly crucial for custom color clients. This is because the coloring process is multifaceted, and can vary significantly based on your client’s circumstances and objectives.

Selecting the Right Hair Extensions to Color

When performing a custom color job on Donna Bella extensions, it’s vital that you select the correct initial shade. As with most hair services, there are rules that dictate how you should apply color to hair extensions, making it impossible to, say, lighten a #6 to a golden blond or transform a #2 into a vivid blue without disastrous (or just disappointing) results.

15 Reasons To Own A Color Ring

If you have spruced up your home recently by painting a bedroom or living room, you realize how valuable paint swatches and color wheels can be. With dozens of paint colors to choose from, previewing what colors look like before the paint is rolled onto your walls saves time, frustration, and hard-earned cash.