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About Us

May, 2012

From the beginning of Donna Bella I have made it a point to only hire the types of people who I would want to take my phone calls and help me with my problems. And I have not been disappointed. Every single person who works at Donna Bella knows how imperative a happy customer is. From warehouse workers to the different management positions, each employee does his or her job with the customer in mind.

Our team knows about the products and has had hands-on experience with them so they can help the clients. Each of them can speak intelligently to the clients about our products. At Donna Bella it is important to build friendships and partnerships with our clients. For me, that is the most important part of our company.

It goes without saying that no matter how well-priced our products are, how kind our team is, or even how much of a
variety we have, the quality of
the product has to be good in
order to sell it. Early on I was
able to come in contact with people who could give me high quality virgin hair to sell to you. We buy the hair from India and process it in China, cleaning and moisturizing the hair. The hair gets dyed into 39 different colors and is infused with conditioners to restore each strand of hair.

This process is only possible because of remarkable women

This process is only possible because of remarkable women in India who sacrifice their hair to help their small community's prosperity. These women take great care of the hair so when it's cut, it's virtually perfect. We buy this 100% Remy hair for our clients and I can't help but feel pride when I think about what this hair has brought to these Indian villages. Our purchases bring income and prosperity to these communities. This system serves more than those who buy the hair, it serves those who donate it, process it, and ship it. I am grateful that I could create a business that does much good in the world.

I hope that helps you understand why I feel like Donna Bella is the best place to buy hair extensions. All aspects of my business focus on the remarkable ability of women. I am so grateful that I can provide a product that is as remarkable as these women.

I hope you have a great experience with Donna Bella's hair extensions. Thank you for being such an amazing client and helping make my business what it is today.

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