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 Certified Rewards

Get Enrolled. Get Passionate. Get Paid.
Prove that you know your stuff. With an official Donna Bella Certification, you can promote your business and hair extension services with confidence and conviction.

Certified Rewards

Certification comes with tons of benefits, such as:

  • A listing in our directory. You'll be in our online directory of licensed Donna Bella Stylists, so you can connect with clients in your area. We receive tens of thousands of searches on our "Find a Stylist" page from people looking for an experienced salon professional to install their Donna Bella hair extensions. Be visible to them!
  • A certified welcome package. We'll send you a free certified welcome package with your certificate that includes tons of helpful marketing materials (Donna Bella Posters, Window Clings, Shelf Talkers, etc.) an 18-page hair guide, and a personalized letter with your first certified promotion.
  • Free marketing materials. Did we mention that marketing materials will continue to be
    free for you? All you have to do is pay for shipping.
  • A lower rate on Hair Insure. Instead of paying a 15% premium on your hair insurance,
    you'll only pay 10%. Your professional hair extensions will be gorgeous and secure!
  • Exclusive discounts and information. You'll receive regular email updates with expert
    styling and business tips, reminders, and/or discounts on our products. Whenever something
    new comes up, you'll be the first to know.

Certified Rewards

Becoming certified is easy. There are three steps and we’ll guide you through each one.

Step 1, watch the online video. Pretty straightforward, right? Pay attention to the review questions that come up every once in a while, because they’ll prepare you for...Click here to get started!

Step 2, the quiz. The quiz has several multiple choice questions and will cover basic concepts from the video. Complete this to the best of your ability, and then proceed to...

Step 3, where you apply what you’ve learned in the videos by practicing a full head installation, including cutting, blending, and styling. This can be done on a mannequin, or on a real, consenting person. Remember to take lots of photos during the process, including one picture before you start, one picture after you’ve finished, and several pictures in between, with overall shots and close-ups of your placements and attachments. Submit these photos to us, then wait to hear back! Once the online quiz and the photos are submitted, we’ll contact you within two business days with your results.
A course with certification costs only $99
Save by becoming certified in all three methods for only $229
We know that you have what it takes to be a pro hair extension stylist, so we want to help you along the way with the tools and resources that you need. That means giving you the freedom to get certified on your terms, and around your schedule. It’s your education. Be certified.

Terms and Conditions: Donna Bella Certified Rewards Program
You must be a Donna Bella Certified Stylist to qualify for this program, meaning you have completed 1) the online video training for one or more of our professional hair extension methods, 2) the online examination, and 3) the practice installation, having submitted photo documentation and received confirmation of your approval. Stylists who have not completed the online education course or submitted the necessary materials, alongside stylists who have completed the online education course and submitted the necessary materials, but who have not received explicit approval from Donna Bella Hair, are not Donna Bella Certified Stylists, and are not eligible for Certified Rewards. Stylists who do not initially succeed in obtaining their certification may try again until obtaining a passing score. Course payments do not transfer or renew, so fees will apply. For more information, visit our Certification Info Page.