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National Stylist Search

Donna Bella Presents the National Stylist Search

Become a part of the Donna Bella National Stylist Team!

What is the National Stylist Search?

With our ever-expanding list of trade shows, regional events, and education classes, we are in need of more stylists on our team, to take part in all of the exciting events we attend around the country. We want YOU!

What are the benefits?

As part of our team, you'll get these perks:

An opportunity to work side-by-side with our expert stylists and educators at the nation's premiere hair shows, airfare and daily compensation included!

National reach and global presence.

Insider business tips and exponential business growth.

An expanded network of stylists and clients.

A surge in recognition as a leading professional in your field, and a listing in our online stylist directory.

An invaluable series of experiences as a member of a creative community, including real-life client transformations, professional and personal. connections, and mutual inspiration and support.


Eligibility Requirements

To successfully submit your application, you must be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Legally eligible to work in the US
  • Living in the US
  • Graduated from an accredited beauty school or licensing program, or enrolled in an accredited beauty school or licensing program with an expected graduation or completion date of June of the selection year
  • Certified in Donna Bella's hair extension methods, or willing to undergo such certification
  • Willing to travel at your own expense to Salt Lake City for a 2-day training, if admitted to the final round of consideration
  • Free of any obstructive criminal charges. Donna Bella Hair reserves the right to delimit the extent and application of the term "obstructive"

*Non-discrimination disclosure: Donna Bella Hair does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion or creed, veteran status, or disability.

Join the Team

Apply Now

Click here and you will be sent to Spark Hire to apply.

Throughout the process you will be asked to:

-Submit a resume
-Record a video response to a few questions
-Confirm your Donna Bella certification

Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read through the following terms and conditions. By applying to participate in the National Stylist Search, you, the applicant, implicitly agree to abide by their precepts:

1. Privacy

We work hard to keep your personal information safe. At no point during or after your application or affiliation with Donna Bella Hair will we compromise, disclose, or sell your information to third parties. We will only disclose information to third parties in order to complete a request, application, or process to which the applicant has expressly agreed or consented. Accordingly, we will not tolerate improper or misleading use of clients' information, be it to imitate, impersonate, or otherwise jeopardize an applicant or their standing in the competition. Individuals found to have tampered with or misused personal information will be barred from the application process.

2. Limitations

Due to limitations in the range of Donna Bella Hair events, and to legal stipulations for work eligibility, we cannot accept applicants under the age of 18 who are not legally emancipated, or individuals living outside of the United States and its corresponding territories. All applicants must be legally eligible to work in the United States without restriction, and any applicant found to be ineligible will be removed from consideration, before, during, or after admittance to the Donna Bella National Stylist Team.

3. Affiliation

Admittance to The Donna Bella National Stylist Team does not constitute full-time employment with Donna Bella Hair. The Donna Bella National Stylist Team will be periodically invited to work on a daily basis at national hair trade shows, and will be compensated accordingly. Donna Bella Elites are not eligible for health, retirement, or other benefits through Donna Bella Hair, and we will not withhold income tax, so Donna Bella Elites will be solely responsible for adhering to federal tax laws.

The Donna Bella National Stylist Team will, nonetheless, represent the Donna Bella brand, and will be expected to behave in a manner that is consistent with a professional stylist in the public sphere. Inappropriate behavior—on the job or elsewhere—will result in re-evaluation of the stylist's continued affiliation with Donna Bella Hair, and possible removal from this and related programs.

4. Liability

The Donna Bella National Stylist Team is liable for all damages perpetrated by them in relation to national hair shows and other Donna Bella-sponsored events. It is the stylist's responsibility to cover any and all expenses related to such damages, and their prerogative to procure the appropriate insurance.

Theft, if wilfully performed or condoned by the stylist, will serve as a condition for termination of The Donna Bella National Stylist Team member status. Stylists who are not forthcoming about their prior criminal record, where applicable, will also be subject to removal from The Donna Bella National Stylist Team, following verification by Donna Bella Hair representatives.

5. Definitions

Donna Bella Hair: the trademarked company with exclusive rights to Donna Bella hair extensions, methods, and products.

Donna Bella brand: all content, design, media, personnel, events, and products affiliated with Donna Bella Hair.

National Stylist Search/competition: the screening and selection process designated for recruiting professional hair extension stylists to The Donna Bella National Stylist Team, our national education and styling team.

Application: the first stage in the National Stylist Search involving information collection and verification. Applicants can complete this stage of the process independently.

The Donna Bella National Stylist Team: the group of top professional hair extension stylists that will be selected through the National Stylist Search to accompany Donna Bella master educators to events throughout the country.

Donna Bella National Stylists: members of The Donna Bella National Stylist Team.

Trade show/event: any of a number of hair-related shows, trainings, or conferences designed for beauty professionals and their customers. We use this term specifically for shows or events at which Donna Bella Hair will be represented.