Donna Bella Pro Series

Expert, Hands-On Education

Learn to integrate hair extensions into your salon practice.


  • Certification in 4 professional methods: Tape-In, Flat-Tip, I-Link, and Kera-Link

  • Most recent training and advanced methods for hair extension services

  • Pricing and advertising strategies to boost your business

  • Salon development for your entire team

How it Works

1. Expert

Learn how to install, blend, maintain and remove our professional extensions from one of our lead educators.

2. Hands-On

Practice your extensions technique under the instructor's helpful guidance and receive constructive feedback.

3. Team-Building

Learn alongside other passionate stylists. Exchange tips, offer support, and form friendships that last beyond the event.

4. Individual

Complete your certification with complimentary access to our Online Education platform, where you can review all four training videos.


Master the art of hair extensions with Donna Bella’s lead educators. This all-day intensive training course will give you hands-on experience with all four professional hair extension methods: Tape-In, Flat-Tip, I-Link, and Kera-Link. You’ll also gain invaluable information on how to use hair extensions to improve your salon experience.

  • Fundamental installation steps
  • Cutting and blending techniques
  • Maintenance and removal
  • In-depth consultation strategies
  • Business insights
  • Expert techniques for advanced haircuts (shorter hair)

The day will be filled with professional extension products, exceptional hands-on training, and an unforgettable time with our passionate instructors. This experience is valued at up to $1,000, but you can enjoy it for a much lower price.

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You’ll Learn:


How to install and blend four types of
professional extensions


How to properly maintain and
remove extensions


How to determine the number of
packs of hair a client needs


Proper placement and spacing of
strands and wefts


How to price a hair extension
installation and boost your revenue


How to perform an advanced installation
utilizing expert techniques on:
   -a client with a pixie cut
   -a client with an A-bob
   -a client with shoulder-length hair

Benefits of Certification

  • This live event will prepare you for the best possible hair extension practice. It’ll also make you a Certified Donna Bella extensions practitioner, which comes with a ton of perks:
  • —A listing in our Online Directory.  You’ll be in our Online Directory of licensed Donna Bella Stylists, so you can connect with clients in your area. We receive tens of thousands of searches on our website through our "Find a Stylist" page, all from people looking for an hair extension professional.
  • —A Certified Intro Kit.  Being Certified means having access to Certified-exclusive sales, discounts, and rewards! These include forever free marketing materials, a lower rate on Hair Insure, and access to extra information and resources on the DB website. Click here to learn more about Certified Rewards.
  • —National Stylist Search eligibility. Every year, we recruit new, fresh talent for our Elite Donna Bella education team—a prestigious group that accompanies DB to our national and international trade shows and training events. Expand your skills, networks, and horizons all at once. Applications are accepted between January and June. Click here to learn more.

space is limited

Become a Master

  • Once you’ve completed the training, use the login information provided to you on the date of the event to sign in to our Online Education portal. There you’ll be able to review our educational videos, brush up on your skills, and submit your quiz and photo materials to receive your official Certification.
  • Course subscriptions begin within 72 hours of the event date.
Here's what you'll do:
  • 1.  Log in to your online education account at
  • 2.  Go to the top bar and select "Course Catalog."
  • 3.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "The Complete Online Course."
  • 4.  Watch the education video and submit the online quiz (80% is passing).
  • 5.  Perform a full-row installation (or a full-head installation for extra practice), then send in before
            & after photos and photos of the bonds and placements to

Our certification experts will review your submissions and, if approved, will send you
a certificate in the mail, along with complementary marketing materials.

You’ll also be listed on our exclusive Stylist Directory so that new hair extension clients can easily
find you.
Your online access to the course lasts for 30 days. To extend your access, call 888-424-7548.

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