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Everything you need
to know about caring
for textured extensions!
If you're looking to join the world of curls and waves, there are a few things to know before-hand. You may already know how to care for your straight hair extensions, but maintaining curly and wavy extensions is quite different. Read through the information below to make sure you're prepared to properly care for them.
1. Showering. Try to shampoo only or twice a week, and in bwtween shampoos, use a heavy-duty, moisturizing conditioner. It's best to combo through and work out any tangles in the shower, since brushing dry curls can create a frizzy mess! Combing with the conditioner in helps easily remove tangles and ensure the product is evenly distributed throughout your hair. After you shower, using a styling cream really helps lock in the mois- ture. You can also use a deep conditioner when you need to step up your moisture game just a bit.
2. Silicones. Using products with silicones can cause build up and weigh down your hair. If you need to use them, make sure the silicones in your product are water soluble, since those cause much less build up.
3. Sulfates. Sulfates can dry hair out, so using them can negate all the hard work you're doing trying to keep your hair moisturized. Not to mention, sulfates can affect your bonds (especially keratin ones), causing them to slip prematurely. Basically, don't even think about it! They're just bad news all around.
4. Styling. If you're worried about using a hair dryer, just use a medium heat setting to keep hair from over drying, and a diffuser attachment to reduce the velocity of the air hitting your curls or waves. If a few strands are losing their shape, feel free to use a curling iron for a quick fix. As always, make sure you use a heat protectant before using hair dryers or curling irons. Finally, to battle humidity, use a serum before you head out the door.

Just don't straighten the hair! The curls and waves in our extensions will relax over time, but using a straightener will really speed up this process.
5. Sleep. The friction between your hair and your pillow can cause extra frizz that you certainly don't need. Sleeping with a satin pillow or headscarf is a simply solution to this problem. Also, as with all types of extensions, sleeping in a braid keeps hair from matting and tangling, and it works double duty for wavy and curly extensions helps them keep their shape longer!
A loose body wave. Celebrite examples: julia Roberts, Soft Vergara (notably at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party in 2012), jessica Alba (notably at the Golden Globes in 2013).
A loose body wave. Celebrite examples: julia Roberts, Soft Vergara (notably at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party in 2012), jessica Alba (notably at the Golden Globes in 2013).
Q: My curly hair extensions are matting up. What should I do?
A. If your curly extensions are starting to mat, there are a few things you can do to remedy this. With straight extensions, you should brush your hair multiple times a day to keep them smooth. However, constantly brushing curly extensions can make them frizzy, which can lead to matting. The best way to keep them from matting is to shower and use a moisturizing conditioner. When the conditioner is in your hair, take a wide-toothed comb and comb through your hair, gently working out any tangles. After showering, you can use serums to help keep curls smooth and protect them from frizzing throughout the day. (Just be sure to keep the conditioner or any serums away from your bonds to avoid slippage.) When sleeping, make sure to always keep your hair tied up in a loose ponytail, or, better yet, a braid, for bonus protection against matting, sleep with a satin pillowcase or a satin headscarf!
Q: My wavy hair extensions feel so dry. What can I do to revive them?
A.Wavy and curly hair is more prone to dryness, so you need to take extra moisturizing! First, try shampooing your hair less. Curly and wavy hair needs to be shampooed much less than straight hair, so see if you can cut down the amount of times you shampoo. (Use a dry shampoo between washes if need be!) Also make sure you are conditioning, even if you don't shampoo. Always use sulfate free hair products because sulfates dry out hair and can affect your bonds! Make sure to use heat products on medium settings, and use serums on your hair after you shower to lock in the moisture. A deep conditioner once or twice a week can also really help restore moisture. Just keep all of your hair products and styling tools away from your bonds!
Q: I want curly hair but I have straight hair. Should I buy curly hair extensions?
A.The short answer is yes. However, you need to talk to your stylist first about perming your hair to match the texture of the extensions. Curly and wavy extensions will relax over time like permed hair, but be prepared to put in extra work keeping the two well-blended. You’ll need to do extra touch ups, especially if your hair is relaxing at a different rate than the extensions (which is highly likely).
Q: I have a special event and I want to wear my hair straight but I have curly extensions. What should I do?
A.We really advise against straightening your curly extensions. If your hair is naturally curly, your curls will go back to their normal shape some time after they’ve been straightened. However, your curly extensions won’t do that. They will go back to being curly, but the curl will be more relaxed than before, and it’s likely the extensions’ curls will no longer match your natural ones. Just beware: straighten at your own risk!