Let Donna Bella help you achieve an amazing hair extensions business! Purchase this Kera-Link Bundle and you’ll receive access to the online Kera-Link video, your Donna Bella Kera-Link certification, and your very own Kera-Link kit.

Stylists have been using this method longer than any other. Kera-Link is a classic way of providing length and volume. Kera-Link extensions are installed via Keratin bonds that mimic protein found in hair and are sealed with The Melting Connector’s heating plates.


In Your Kit:

The Kera-Link kit includes everything you need to get started. 

  • 18” Kera-Link Practice Hair – 20 Strands
  • 25 Rebonds
  • Melting Connector
  • Keratin Bond Remover
  • Protector Strip
  • Hair Extension Tool
  • Hair Extension Color Ring
  • Quick Pick Hair Parter


In this video, experienced stylist Ruben Martinez will teach you:
• Detailed overviews of the tools needed for the Kera-Link method
• How to properly heat the bonds with The Melting Connector and attach them to hair
• How to keep hair clean from keratin residue, and how to protect hair from heat
• Proper hair extension placement, starting at the nape of the neck and working upwards, sectioning hair to create the most natural flow
• How to properly care for your hair extensions to get the longest life and the best wear out of them
• Which products are good for extensions, and which ones to avoid
• Tips for shampooing, conditioning, brushing, and styling hair
• How to determine the length, frame hair around the face, and connect the layers
the four steps of proper blending, so your client’s hair will look polished and natural how to safely remove Kera-Link extensions with the Keratin Bond Remover and the Hair Extension Tool • How to rebond and reuse extensions

What you’ll need:

• Kera-Link Hair Extensions
• Melting Connector
• Protector Disks or Protector Strip
• Hair Clips
• Keratin Bond Remover
• Quick Pick Hair Parter
• Hair Extension Tool

Blending and Styling Tools:

• Shears
• Hair Cutting Scissors
• Feathering Razor
• Comb

This course will teach you everything you need to know about Kera-Link extensions, including valuable information you can pass along to your clients, with a focus is on safety, efficiency, and creativity. Throughout the video, you’ll get reviews and quizzes along the way to help you remember key points and important information.Segments include: tools, consultation, preparation, installation, blending and styling, aftercare, maintenance, and removal.




Becoming certified is easy. There are two steps and we’ll guide you every step of the way. After going through the online videos, you’ll need to take a quiz and submit before-and-after photos. The quiz has several multiple choice questions and will cover basic concepts from the video. The video has review questions throughout to prepare you for the final quiz. Once the online quiz and the photos are submitted, you’ll hear back with results from Donna Bella within two business days.


Benefits of Certification


Certification comes with tons of benefits besides your printed certificate.

  • Listing in our directory! You’ll be in our online directory of licensed Donna Bella Stylists, so you can connect with clients in your area. We receive tens of thousands of searches on our website on our “Find a Stylist” page from people looking for an experienced salon professional to install their hair extensions.
  • An Intro Kit! We’ll send you an Free Certification Intro Kit, that includes tons of helpful marketing materials, an 18-page hair guide, and a product guide. The marketing materials include posters, window clings, and shelf talkers that advertise that you do Donna Bella Hair Extensions
  • Exclusive deals! Best of all, you’ll get exclusive discounts on our products. We’re creating a special professional rewards program that will launch in a few months. More details are coming soon, and you’ll be the first to know.


We know that you’re capable of so much. We want to give you the tools to take your skills to the next level. No more spending thousands of dollars traveling to get a certificate. Our Online Education makes it possible for you to work at your own pace and your own schedule. After all, it’s your education. Be certified.