16" Flat-Tip Pro Straight #5R (Caramel Red)
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  • Flat Tip
  • Color: 5R (Caramel Red)
  • Length: 18"
  • Texture: Straight
  • Qty: 20 - Strands (.8 grams per strand)
  • 100% Pure Human Remy Hair


Marsha is a hard-working student at the local university, studying for her masters in business management. She keeps a strict schedule but enjoys treating herself from time to time, especially with her Donna Bella Flat-Tip Extensions. She gets them reinstalled every 2-3 months, and loves that they’re so comfortable she often forgets they’re there. Her hair helps her feel confident, and she loves the versatility it gives her. Whether she’s throwing her hair up in a bun before a workout or she’s curling it with her favorite wand before a girl’s night out—there are tons of options, and no matter what, she looks her absolute best knowing they’ve been installed so they won’t show. Marsha is witty, fun, determined, and independent. Marsha is Donna Bella.

Flat Tip Benefits:

Combines the advantages of Tape-In and I-Link methods: Donna Bella’s Flat-Tip Extensions give the flat, comfortable feel of Tape-Ins while maintaining a 360° movement with the same strand-by-strand method as I-Link extensions. It gives the best of both methods.

No Damage: The Flat-Tip beaded method is a safe and secure solution for those worried about damage to their own natural hair. Flat-Tips require only beads to install, ensuring that there are no glues, chemicals, or heat used during the application process.

Mess-Free: Forget the messy residue left behind by Tape-In adhesive. Flat-Tips can be removed and reinstalled without having to clarify the hair in between, and require no solution to remove—only our Classic, Luxe, or Flare tool.

Long-Lasting: Donna Bella’s Flat-Tip Extensions last 3-6 months and can be reused 1-2 times afterwards. Each strand can be removed and reinstalled to maintain long, beautiful hair.

Price: Flat-Tip Hair Extensions are a fabulous price for the quality and quantity of the Remy hair. Each package holds 20 full strands of hair, each weighing about 1 gram. Each strand is guaranteed to be 100% Remy human hair that has never gone through any chemicals or treatments outside of its coloring and moisturizing. You’ll get top-quality hair at the most competitive price in the market.

Versatility: Flat-Tip beaded hair extensions involve a simple installation method that is extremely beneficial for new stylists. Mistakes are rare and easily fixable as the Flat-Tip extension strands can be swiftly removed and reinstalled. This method is also a perfect for those seeking small highlights or pops of color throughout the hair.