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22" Flat-Tip Pro Straight #27 (Strawberry Blond)

22" Flat-Tip Pro Straight #27 (Strawberry Blond)


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Flat & Flexible

  • 20 strands; (22 g per pack)
  • Used to thicken and lengthen hair
  • Handcrafted; flat beaded method
  • Pre-tipped & ready to install

How many packs for a full head of installation?

Fine hair medium hair thick hair
4-7 packs 5-8 packs 8-10 packs

This method combines the benefits of I-Link and Tape-In, offering a flat, comfortable feel an the amazing 360° movement with each individual strand. Made with 100% Remy human hair.

Choosing your Hair Extension Color with Donna Bella

Flat-Tip Extension Method

How Does Flat-Tip Feel?

Donna Bella’s new Flat-Tip extensions are exceptionally easy-to-use, pairing the best of I-Link and Tape-In installations for a tailored hair extension experience.

How to Become a Flat-Tip Pro

We’ve been talking a great deal about Flat-Tip lately, but you may have noticed that we don’t have any Flat-Tip designated educational programs. There’s a reason for that: since Flat-Tip is applied in the same way as I-Link extensions, the existing I-Link educational program works for learning Flat-Tip, too! So if you’re on a mission to become a Flat-Tip pro, here’s what you should do…

What Do You Get When You Cross Tape-In and I-Link?

We’ve got a brand new professional extension method here at Donna Bella, and it’s something of a hybrid. Get to know our brand new Flat-Tip Extensions: half Tape-In, half I-Link.

How Many Flat-Tip Extensions Do You Need for a Full Head?

One of the most difficult parts of the hair extension installation process is deciding how many packs to use. What makes this step so difficult is that there’s no clear cut formula. It will vary depending on your client’s hair thickness, texture, style, and desired end result, as well as the method selected.