22" Hybrid Weft, Half Pack, Color #Rooted 12/60

22" Hybrid Weft, Half Pack, Color #Rooted 12/60


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Hybrid Weft Hair Extensions

Natural & Customizable

  • 1 Weft per pack
  • Used to add volume and length
  • Machine-bonded and handcrafted


Fine hair medium hair thick hair
110g-120g 120g-160g 160g-200g

Create bold, beautiful looks with Donna Bella’s Hybrid Wefts. We’ve combined the best of both worlds in machine and hand-tied wefts to give you long-lasting comfort and ultimate customization. Offered in a variety of lengths and colors, achieve your dream hair goals plus a seamless blend and full movement with this innovative sew-in method.

Hybrid Weft Benefits

100% Human Hair, Remy: All Donna Bella Hair extensions are made with 100% Human Hair (Remy) and gentle color treatments to give you top-quality products in the industry.

Seamless: Hybrid Wefts use a sew-in method to create a seamless blend with full 360-degree movement.

Customizable: Create your own look by cutting the weft for the perfect fit without compromising its integrity. No adhesive, no unraveling, and plenty of comfort!

Long-Lasting: Hybrid Wefts last 6-8 weeks in between maintenance appointments. On average, they can be reused 1-3 times and last between 3-6 months, but with exceptional care, you can extend their lifespan up to a year.