NEW! grays in HYW and Tape-Ins
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This kit includes:

I-Link Practice Hair; Flat-Tip Practice Hair; Grooved Beads; Flare Beads; Luxe Tool; Loop Tool; Velcro Hair Grippers; Hair Extension Brush; Wet Brush; Wide-Tooth Comb; Quick Pick; Clear Twisties

Take your hair to the next level with the I-Link (beaded) Starter Extension Kit. I-Link is a hair extension method that provides volume and length, without sacrificing comfort. Beaded hair extension methods provide volume and length, and allow for a full range of movement and styling. It comes with all the tools you need to get started.

  • Hair Extension Placement Guide - Learn all there is to know about where and how to place extensions on your client's hair for a seamless and natural look.
  • Blending & Styling Extensions - Learn how to blend and style the extensions to flow naturally with your client's hair.
  • Hair Extension Color 101 - Learn tips and tricks about how to color hair extensions to match your client's hair color.