Connector Belt - Pink
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  • Connector Belt
  • Holds Melting Connector during installations
  • Heat-resistant
  • Includes:
  •    1 adjustable belt
  •    silicone pouch


Speed up your Kera-Link installations with Donna Bella’s first-of-its-kind Connector Belt—a heat-resistant silicone pouch that firmly holds your active Melting Connector safely at your hip as you work.

Simply fasten the Connector Belt to your waist with the adjustable strap, then place your Melting Connector inside when you need a free hand during installation.

The silicone structure acts as an insulator, keeping the heat inside and away from your skin or clothing. Best part is, you won’t need to set your Melting Connector down on the countertop anymore; the Melting Connector will now move with you, staying within arm’s reach at all times.