Sono by Donna Bella Sleeve

Sono by Donna Bella Sleeve



Sono by Donna Bella Extension Sleeve

  • 1 reusable sleeve
  • Preserves and protects extensions
  • Pairs with extension hanger
  • Stores extensions during travel

Keep extensions safe and long-lasting with our Sono Sleeve. Paired with the Sono Hanger, our Sono Sleeve is specially designed to preserve and protect your valuable hair extensions while not in use. It is securely stitched with durable fabric and a transparent front featuring a safe and easy zipper. The Sono Sleeve is also intended to be used for travel. Along with keeping your hair extensions safe and tangle-free, it helps shield them from bugs, dirt, spills, excess moisture, and any other unforeseen emergencies.

Sono Accessories

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Getting to Know Sono by Donna Bella Hair

We’ve mentioned Sono before, but we think it’s about time for an update. Last year we introduced a brand new line of 100% human, removable hair extensions for the commitment-wary extension lover, including Bangs extensions, Solo (halo) extensions, and a range of Clip-Ins in various lengths and weights.

Donna Bella Hair Launches Sono Hair

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve more than likely seen our new announcement. We have officially launched a hair extension line for the non-commitment extension lovers called Sono Hair.