18" Kera-Link Straight - Red Wine
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  • Kera-Link
  • Color: Red Wine
  • Texture: Straight
  • Length: 18"
  • Qty: 20 - Strands (0.9 grams per strand)
  • 100% Pure Human Remy Hair


Jennifer loves her life. She enjoys living in her hot college town in Florida where cutoff jeans and a pair of comfortable sandals are her daily apparel. As a student living on campus, she often finds herself rolling out of bed and staggering to her first class of the day. She’s glad that her Donna Bella hair extensions slip easily into a ponytail for her classes, but can be styled into something a little less messy for her band practice at night.

Jennifer adores her Kera-Link extensions because they stay firmly in place, even when she’s styling her hair into big, bold hairdos. She’s grateful there’s no slippage so she never has to worry about losing her beautiful extensions, and she’s amazed at how natural they look and feel as she rocks her head to the music. She’s also grateful for the strand by strand installation method that gives her hair natural, 360 degree movement, but her favorite part is that they last 3-6 months. Jennifer is bold. She is Donna Bella.

Kera-Link Benefits:

Strand by Strand: Donna Bella’s Kera-Link Hair Extensions are bonded to the hair using a strand by strand method. This allows for 360 degrees of natural hair movement for its wearers. This method of installation is perfect for all hairdos, whether you choose to wear your hair up or down.

Long Lasting: Donna Bella’s Kera-Link Extensions last 3-6 months and can be reused 1-2 times. The bonds can be removed and the hair extensions reinstalled to help long locks last.

Price: Kera-Link Hair Extensions are an exceptional price for the quality and quantity of hair that is received. Each hair package includes 20 strands of hair, each weighing one gram. Plus, each strand of hair is 100% Remy hair that has never been treated or processed beyond its coloring and moisturizing. This gives you top quality hair at the most competitive price.

No Slippage: Because the Kera-Link bonds are fused to your own natural hair, there’s no chance of the hair extensions falling out. This is the perfect solution for those who want a new hairdo, but don’t want the stress of a potential hair extensions malfunction.

Natural: Kera-Link Hair Extensions are attached to the hair using a strand-by-strand method. Unlike the beaded and tape-in hair extension methods, the keratin bonds are fused directly to the strands of the client’s hair. This allows for natural looking and feeling hair that you will adore.

*Note: All funky colors have undergone professional coloring processes. Repeated exposure of hair to high temperatures with heating tools or to strong chemicals, including chlorinated hot tubs, may cause color to fade over time.

Before Installation:

make sure client’s hair is dry, clean, and free from any products or oils. Clarify hair if necessary.


1. Part the client's hair in a T shape with the
2. Begin at the nape. Leave a 1 inch section of hair down, and clip the rest up and out of the way with
3. Section off a small section of hair. It should be the same size and thickness as the hair extension strand.
4. Thread natural hair through the (or hole. Use clips to hold the disk in place. Make sure the hair falls straight down in a natural way.
5. Place the extension strand on top of the hair section. Melt the bond with the to a avoid being burnt.
6. Take the bond and roll it between your fingers to create a smooth connection point.
7. Repeat steps 3 through 6, working up the head. Work up the scalp in horizontal rows, installing on every strand per row.
8. For the sides of the head, do a thick hair application. Do not skip any rows. Follow the same procedure as described above for fusing the keratin bond onto hair strands with the Melting Connector. Remember to leave a perimeter of hair free near the hairline to hide the connection points.


1. Start at the nape of the neck and work upward.
2. Apply to each bond and wait about 30 seconds for the bond to absorb the remover.
3. Use the to crunch and break the bond apart. Work in every direction.
4. Gently pull the extension out of the hair.
5. Work up the back of the head and then on the sides, removing every bond.
6. Once all the bonds are out, wash any reside out of the client's hair.


Hair extensions need to be touched up every 6 to 8 weeks.

Extensions can be reused with To reuse, remove extensions from hair and cut off almost all of the old bond. Leave enough of the old bond to keep the hair together. Place the new bond on the top of the strand, and use the Melting Connector to fuse the extensions and the natural hair together.

Organize each extension strand upon removal so that you can reattach each strand in the same position as before.

This will ensure that you will not have to reblend the extensions.
Brush with the and avoid hair care products with sulfates.

Learn more about how to take care of your hair extensions here.

Kera-Link hair extensions are designed for professional use. For more detailed instructions and video tutorials about
how to install and remove Kera-Link Extensions, enroll in our Online Education Program. Learn more »