Copper Glow Strands

Copper Glow Strands


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Glow Strands

  • 50 36" strands
  • Last up to 4 weeks
  • Easy to style

These unique glow strands add exciting colors, texture, and highlights to your hair. The thin strands of shiny material attach to hair at the roots and fall just like natural hair. Put in just a few for a subtle warmth, or use a lot for a brilliant glimmer. These aren't your ordinary highlights, though. Glow Strands are flexible, long-lasting, and lightweight.

They easily attach to the hair and last for up to four weeks. These glow strands are safe, non-toxic and heat-resistant. That means you can still wash, blow-dry, brush, straighten and curl your hair as usual!

Prom Season with Donna Bella Hair

Every high school girl dreams of going to Prom in the most beautiful dress and the most picture-perfect hair. If you have been trying to grow out your locks just in time for the big event but haven’t had much luck, take the shortcut and make it happen with Donna BellaClip-Ins.

The Gift of Donna Bella Hair

If you need gift ideas, look no further! Donna Bella Hair has something for everyone. From stocking stuffers, to Clip-In hair extensions, to gift cards— what girl doesn’t love a makeover? You’ve still got time to place your order just in time for Christmas, so we thought we’d put a list together for you.

DIY: Highlights

Highlights are a great thing. They do wonders in so many ways. For example: adding dimension and shine to flat and dull hair... they can make your summer tan stand out... or make your face sparkle... But most importantly they make your hair look healthy.