Marketing Kit
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  • Donna Bella Milan Hair Marketing Kit
  • Advertises Hair Extensions
  • Qty: 1 Full Size Poster, 1 Mirror Cling, 5 Shelf Talkers
  • Bright and Bold


We want to help you get noticed. Our marketing materials are designed with the clients in mind. Start the conversation about hair extensions so your customers can learn about the amazing possibilities of hair extensions.

Donna Bella offers our fun and fashionable Hair Extension Marketing Materials to help you build your business. Let clients know that you use Donna Bella Milan's quality all-remy hair extensions. Hang it up in your salon or at your booth to show what you can do. This kit has the tools you need to get noticed.

The Donna Bella Marketing Kit includes:

  • 1 Full Size Poster
  • 1 Mirror Cling
  • 5 Shelf Talkers