22" I-Link Pro Straight #6/10 (Dark Chestnut/Medium Ash)
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  • I-Link
  • Color: 6/10 (Dark Chestnut/Medium Ash)
  • Texture: Straight
  • Length: 22"
  • Qty: 20 - Strands (1 gram per strand)
  • 100% Pure Human Remy Hair


Sandra is a stylish girl who loves to host parties and plan exciting events. Although she has a full time job that she takes very seriously, she prioritizes her day around her morning workouts and nighttime social engagements. She is grateful for her beaded hair extensions that allow for a sleek, professional look during the day and a soft, feminine look at night.

Sandra loves Donna Bella’s I-Link extensions because of the natural tresses that have seemingly become part of her real hair. Sandra is grateful for the strand by strand installation method that has allowed her to wear her hair up or down with no problems. She also likes that her stylist doesn’t need to use heat or chemicals to install them. But her favorite part of her extensions is that they last 3-6 months. Sandra is sexy. She is Donna Bella.

I-Link Benefits:

Strand by Strand: Donna Bella’s I-Link Hair Extensions are installed using a grooved bead with a strand by strand method. This allows for 360 degrees of natural movement for its wearers. This method of installation is perfect for all hairdos, whether you choose to wear your hair up or down.

No Damage: The beaded method is the perfect solution for those who are worried about damaging their own hair. Donna Bella’s I-Link Extensions only require a bead for installation—no heat, chemicals, or glues are applied to the hair.

Long Lasting: Donna Bella’s I-Link Hair Extensions last 3-6 months and can be reused 1-3 times. When well taken care of, the 100% Remy hair extensions have been known to last a really long time. Regular maintenance combined with quality hair care makes these extensions ideal for a lasting look.

Price: I-Link Hair Extensions are an exceptional price for the quality and quantity of hair that is received. Each hair package includes 20 strands of hair, each weighing 1 grams. Plus, each stand of hair is 100% Remy hair that has never been treated or processed beyond its coloring and moisturizing treatment.

Versatility: Beaded hair extensions offer an easy installation method that is perfect for beginning stylists. Mistakes are nearly nonexistent because each hair extension can be easily repositioned during the installation process. This is also the perfect method for installing highlights and peek-a-boos of color.

Before Installation: Make sure client's hair is dry and clean and free from any products or oils. Clarify hair if necessary.
1. Thread hair extension beads onto the
2. Part the client's hair in a T shape with the
3. Begin at the nape. Leave a 1 inch section of hair down, and use to clip the rest up and out the way.
4. Part off a small, square-shaped section of hair. The section of natural hair should match the thickness of the extension strand.
5. Take the section of hair and pull it through the loop of the Loop Tool.
6. Slide one from the Loop Tool's base up towards the hair. Thread the bead onto the strand of hair and pull the Loop Tool.
7. Place the extension strand into the bead. Keep the hair flowing straight down, so the hair lays naturally.
8. Clamp the bead with the in the center and once on each side for the strongest hold. Keep the hair extension flush with the top of the bead.
9. Follows steps 4 through 8. Work up the scalp in horizontal rows, installing on every strand per row. Work up until you reach the horseshoe section of the head.
10. For the sides of the head, do a thick hair application. Do not skip any rows. Follow the same procedure as described above for threading the beads onto hair strands and clamping the beads down. Remember to leave a perimeter of hair free near the hairline to hide the connection points.


1. Start at the nape of the neck, at the bottom row of extensions.
2. Remove each bead by unclamping it with the
3. Side the bead and the hair extension out.


Depending on natural hair growth, I-Link extensions can last 3 to 6 months. When tightening, use Don't reuse the beads.

When tightening extensions, unclamp each bead and remove the extension from hair. Organize each extension strand upon removal so that you can reattach each strand in the same position as before. This will ensure that you will not have to reblend the extensions.

Brush with the and avoid hair care products with sulfates.

Learn more about how to take care of your hair extensions here.

I-Link hair extensions are designed for professional use. For more detailed instructions and video tutorials about how to install and remove I-Link Extensions, enroll in our Online Education Program. Learn more »