Quick Pick Hair Parter

Quick Pick Hair Parter


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Quick Pick Hair Parter

  • 1 stainless steel pick
  • Saves time by making hair parting easy
  • Fits on any of your fingers
  • Useful during all installations

Work quickly and efficiently with Donna Bella's Quick Pick Hair Parter. Picking up your comb, sectioning hair, and then setting it down over and over wastes precious time. The Quick Pick Hair Parter allows for easier parting and sectioning while installing extensions.

Most stylists wear their quick pick on their pinkies. The Quick pick sits above the middle knuckle.

The tip is pointed (but not too sharp), lightweight, and adjusts to all finger sizes for precise and clean hair division.

Ditch the comb and experience maximum efficiency.

Small/Medium- 13.36 mm (size 2 midi ring)

Quick Pick Hair Parter—Save Time Installing Hair Extensions!

5 Ways Hair Extension Tools can Make Your Salon More Efficient

Your salon is a busy place, especially where hair extensions are concerned. The good news is—as with any art form—there’s a rhyme and reason to the process hidden in your hair extension tools.

Hair Extension Parting – Tips and Tricks

Make sure you at least have a rattail comb, or better yet, the Quick Pick Hair Parter. The Quick Hair Parter is worn on your finger, so as you’re working, you can quickly divide and section hair. You’ll save a lot of time, because you don’t have to keep reaching down to pick up your comb and then setting it down again.

Love That Part

Part, as in “a clean part,” is very crucial to a successful hair extension experience for both you and your client. A clean part means your client will feel comfortable the entire time she’s wearing her hair extensions.