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Full Head Synthetic Hair #27 (Strawberry Blond)

Full Head Synthetic Hair #27 (Strawberry Blond)


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Full Head Synthetic Hair

Synthetic Hair

  • 8 pre-clipped wefts of 16” synthetic hair
  • Ideal for adding length and volume
  • One 9" weft; one 7" weft; two 6" wefts; four 1.5" wefts
  • Material: high quality synthetic heat-resistant fiber

Donna Bella’s Synthetic Single Clip-Ins provide an inexpensive and temporary way to create highlights and add splashes of color to your hair. Synthetic clips look and feel natural, but last longer than human hair. These single clips instantly give you a bold, sexy, or classy new look.

Clip-In benefits

Versatility: Clip-In hair extensions offer a no stress installation method for any skill level. Mistakes are completely nonexistent since each hair extension can be easily removed and repositioned during the installation process. You get long, full hair without having to completely commit!

Easy Installation: No need for a trip to the salon with Clip-Ins! You can install them yourself, wherever and whenever you want. Installation is a snap (literally!) and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have the length and volume you want.

No Damage: Clip-In extensions attach to your hair with pressure clips, ensuring that your clips stay in securely, allowing you to be comfortable and confident all day long. They require no tools, chemicals, or glues.

Price: Synthetic Clip-In Hair Extensions are an exceptional price for the quality and quantity of hair that is received. Each package contains 8 pieces in varying widths: One 9” piece, two 6” pieces, one 7” piece, and four 1.5” pieces, a total of 113 grams of hair.

Long-Lasting: Donna Bella’s Synthetic Clip-In hair extensions are made of the highest quality synthetic hair, and are heat friendly when used on low settings. When well maintained, the hair will look and feel much like human hair, and will last much longer.

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