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Residue Remover

Residue Remover

The Donna Bella product you selected contains a product that is classified as hazardous. These cannot be expedited or shipped internationally due to federal regulation. For international orders, these items will be removed from your kit. All other items will be sold and shipped as normal.

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  • 4 fl. oz (enough to remove 4 heads of hair)
  • Oil-based solution for thorough removal
  • Doesn’t damage hair
Previously called Tape-In Bond Remover. 

This gentle, oil-based remover works great when removing stubborn residue.


This product is subject to certain shipping restrictions. Bond Removers are federally regulated Hazmat products, which are unsafe for air transportation. Therefore, expedited shipping will not be available for customers residing within the 48 contiguous states. Customers in the non-contiguous US, whose deliveries require air travel, will be able to select express shipping for this product. Additional fees will apply.

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