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Hair Insurance

Hair Insurance



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Purchase total peace of mind!

Now you can insure the professional hair you purchase from Donna Bella. At checkout, you will be asked if you would like to pay an additional 15% of the total cost of professional hair in your cart for hair Insurance.

What’s Hair Insurance?

Have you ever tried to dye your extensions, only to let them develop too long and turn pink? Maybe your client took a Caribbean cruise and turned her locks a dark shade of orange after a dip in a chlorinated pool? Maybe the extensions are shedding at an extreme rate? Not a problem. Hair Insure covers any significant and unforeseen hair mishap that affects the condition of the extensions. Note: Hair Insure will not cover any issue related to general wear and tear of the extensions (slippage for example).

We confidently stand behind all of our products, and while you can't always anticipate what life will throw at you, with Hair Insure neither you nor your hair will ever be caught off guard. In the event of any unforeseen hair disaster, we'll replace it and cover the necessary costs. Guaranteed.

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