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  • Complete demonstration of I-Link (beaded) process
  • Learn everything from installation to removal
  • High Definition Video Streaming
  • 1 hr 44 min
Clients love how I-Link Extensions blend into hair easily, use no heat, glues, or chemicals and install using small beads. This strand-by-strand method offers a full range of movement and styling.

In this video, experienced stylist Ruben Martinez will teach you:
• How to use the Loop Tool to thread beads on the hair without creating knots and snags
• Techniques for using the Hair Extension Tool to clamp beads and hold the hair extensions in place
• About the three types of beads (Flare, Grooved, and Silicone), the differences between them, and which is best for each client
• How to place extensions, working from the nape of the head
• How to part the hair and make beads discrete and easy for your client to style
• How to determine the hair’s length, frame the face, connect the layers, and detail and polish
• The four steps of proper blending so hair has a soft and natural feel
• How to consult and advise your clients to care for their extensions
• Which products are safe to use on extensions
• How to wash, condition, and maintain them properly
• How to remove the extensions safely using the Hair Extensions Tool to un-crimp the beads.

What you’ll need:
• I-Link Hair Extensions
• Loop Tool
• Hair Extension Tool
• Hair Extensions Beads (Silicone, Flare, or Grooved)
• Hair Clips
• Quick Pick Hair Parter

Blending and Styling Tools:
• Shears
• Hair Cutting Scissors
• Feathering Razor
• Comb

This course will teach you everything you need to know about I-Link extensions. The focus is on safety, efficiency, and creativity, and an emphasis on giving your clients the best hair extension experience. Throughout the video, you’ll get reviews and quizzes to help you remember key points and important information. Segments include: tools, consultation, preparation, installation, blending and styling, aftercare, maintenance, and removal.