Side Swept Bangs Color #27 (Strawberry Blond)

Side Swept Bangs Color #27 (Strawberry Blond)


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Bangs Whenever You Want

Sono's 100% Human Hair Clip-In Bang Extensions go in easily with a clip and a snap so you can get amazing looking bangs easily and whenever you want.

Choose from our two styles: Side Swept or Straight Across.

Sono Bangs benefits

Versatility: Go from bangs one day, to no-bangs the next. Your natural hair will stay long and intact, and you’ll benefit from all the styling potential, without the commitment.

Easy Installation: Attach your Sono Bangs with a few simple clips at the top of your head. That’s it! No need to disguise the attachment points or blend in the hair, and no need to worry about whether the extensions will stay in place. They’ll be sleek and secure all day long.

No Damage: Sono Bangs involve no glue, chemicals, or heat to install—just a couple of clips. They’re no more damaging to your hair than a bobby pin or a barrette.

Price: Sono Bangs are an exceptional price for the quality and quantity of hair in each set. Each package contains 1 hairpiece in your choice of standard or side bangs.

Long-Lasting: Sono Bangs last up to a year if worn regularly, and even longer if only worn occasionally. Regular maintenance, combined with quality hair care, makes these extensions ideal for a lasting look.

Sono Clip-In Bangs Hair Extensions

The 1-Minute Makeover

Part of the beauty of custom hair extension color jobs is that most of the work happens when the client isn’t even around. Clients—that means you can have your consultation, decide upon your color, and order your hair, then leave the extension coloring process up to your stylist.

Getting to Know Sono by Donna Bella Hair

We’ve mentioned Sono before, but we think it’s about time for an update. Last year we introduced a brand new line of 100% human, removable hair extensions for the commitment-wary extension lover, including Bangs extensions, Solo (halo) extensions, and a range of Clip-Ins in various lengths and weights.