Twisted Fringe Melting Connector

  • Melting Connector
  • Fuses Keratin Bonds to Hair
  • 110v - 120v
  • Heat Regulator
  • Special Grooves for Donna Bella Keratin Bonds

5.00 $40.00

Use the Melting Connector to fuse Kera-link Hair Extension bonds to hair. It's melts the fusion bonds but is gentle enough that it won't damage hair. Place the bond underneath a small section of the client's hair and then gently pinch between the Melting Connector plates. When melted, the bond fuses to hair for a secure hold.

Kera-Link Hair Extensions look and feel natural because they're fused right to the hair, strand by strand. And since they blend right in, they're hard to see. When it comes time to remove the bonds, our Keratin Bond Remover breaks and softens the bonds so they slide out easily, without damaging the client’s hair.

The Melting Connector is designed specifically to work with Donna Bella Kera-Link Extensions and Rebonds; we recommend only using our products for the best results.