Why get certified in Donna Bella Hair Extensions?

Why get certified in Donna Bella Hair Extensions?

Jaci Reynolds
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You’ve got the passion for transforming your client’s hair and we have the education and offerings to up your stylist game! The hair extension industry is booming as the market is expected to reach $10 billion by 2023. One thing’s for sure, offering hair extension services in your salon is a surefire way to make more money!


Donna Bella Hair provides 100% Remy human hair in all their professional extension methods, meaning it’s the highest quality of human hair with cuticles intact and going the same direction. Our professional methods include Tape-In, Hybrid Weft, Kera-Link, I-Link and Flat-Tip extensions. See why you should become an expert in professionally installing, maintaining and removing hair extensions. 

Benefits of offering professional hair extensions 

Before we explore the benefits of each professional method, let’s get down to business. Aside from the fact that you can expand your clientele with extensions, you can make more money. Here are suggestions to bring more mula while still serving up the styles. 


How to charge your clients when installing hair extensions


  1. Charge your client by service depending on the cost of extensions. For example, if your client requires $300 worth of hair extensions, your service fee should be $300.
  2. Charge a flat rate for your service. Instead of pricing your clients from the amount of hair required for install, charge an established flat rate, similar to hair coloring.  
  3. Charge by the hour. Some methods take longer than others, so if you’re charging by the hour, make sure it’s worth your time.

DB Pro Tip: Research pricing in your area so you can best set your fees. You don’t want to over or under-charge your clients.


It’s no secret that professional hair extension services can boost your clientele, but becoming an expert in all methods can really make you standout as a stylist! You can transform a wider variety of hair types and meet more needs to your clients with extension certification under your belt. Keep reading for the benefits of Donna Bella Hair’s professional methods. 


Benefits of Offering Tape-In Extensions 


What’s not to love about Tape-In extensions? It’s the stylist-preferred method with the fastest installation process! Not only can it boost your marketability amongst clients, it has a big pay-off. Peep these features. 

  • Looks like the real thing. Clients wanting semi-permanent extensions for more volume and/or length AND looks like their real hair can get it with Donna Bella Hair Tape-In extensions.
  • No tools needed to install! Say what?! Ditch the hassle of spending money on tools to install and create masterpieces freehand. 
  • Affordable price for your client. One of Donna Bella’s standout qualities is their competitive pricing. Tape-In extensions feature ten individual wefts per package that offer full, voluminous coverage.
  • Clients will be back in your chair for maintenance. This means more opportunity to charge your clients. Tape-In extensions last 6-8 weeks in between move-up appointments and reused 1-3 times with proper care. 


Benefits of Offering Hybrid Weft Extensions

Become an expert in Donna Bella Hair’s Hybrid Wefts, a method boasted for its combination of Machine and Hand-Tied Weft design. You can’t go wrong with installing these extensions--they’re long-lasting, comfortable and customizable. See why you should invest in this certification!

  • More styling options. Do your clients want the option to wear their extensions up, down or in a combo of both? Thanks to Hybrid Weft customization, they can have it all. Tailor the client’s wefts to their hair needs without compromising its integrity. No adhesives, no unraveling. 
  • Offered in a variety of lengths and colors. Find extensions that fit hair color and length with over 18 colors and available in 18”, 22”. 
  • Retain customers every few months. Hybrid Weft extensions last 6-8 weeks in between move-up appointments and reused 1-3 times with proper care. 


Benefits of Offering Kera-Link Extensions 

Expand your skill set with a certification in Donna Bella Hair’s natural fusion method. Kera-Link Extensions stand out from the pack due to its strand by strand method, making it ideal for 360-degree movement for clients. Here’s why you should get certified in Kera-Link extensions.

  • Customizable options for all. With the pre-tip keratin bond, you can cut down the links to customize the size and install of your clients. Whether you’re installing full-link or micro-links, you’ll create a seamless blend with their natural hair. 
  • Perfect for clients who wear their hair up or down. Single-strand extensions allow for free-flowing movement so you can create unique hairstyles without exposing the attachment on the hair. 
  • Long-lasting extensions for clients who are all in! Kera-Link extensions last 3-6 months and reused 1-2 times with the proper care. 
  • Ideal for curly and wavy-textured hair. That’s right! Kera-Link extensions are offered in curly and wavy-textured hair so you can cater to a wider client base. 


Benefits of Offering Beaded Extensions

Are your clients wanting versatile, easy-to-use extensions? Look no further with Donna Bella Hair’s I-Link and Flat-Tip extensions. Discover why the beaded method is trusted by stylists everywhere. 

  • No glue or heat required. With the right tools, you can install and remove these single-strand extensions with ease. No bead exposure on updos. Does your client wear their hair up but still wants to achieve volume and length. They can have it all with I-Links and Flat-Tips. 
  • Durable extensions for the win. Beaded extensions last 6-10 weeks and reused 1-2 times with the proper care. 
  • Ideal for curly and wavy-textured hair. No need to turn away your client’s with textured hair! I-Link extensions are perfect for blending curls and waves for a wide-range of curl types. 
  • Flat-Tips for flexibility. Flat-Tip extensions combine both the benefits of I-Links and Tape-Ins for comfort and 360-degree movement. 


What tools do I need to install hair extensions?

Did you know Donna Bella Hair offers tool kits? We’ve got you covered. Once you’ve decided which extension method to get certified in, make sure to purchase your kit to install like a boss! Looking for a certain tool to complete your kit? Pick and choose the ones you need here


Donna Bella Hair offers Tape-In Hair Extension Starter Kit, Kera-Link Hair Extension Starter Kit, I-Link/Flat-Tip Starter Kit, and the Ultimate Hair Extension Starter Kit. Check out the tools included in each kit on their product page!


Want to get certified today? We offer online certification courses so you can learn anytime, anywhere. 

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