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Why get certified in Donna Bella Hair Extensions?

Why get certified in Donna Bella Hair Extensions?

Rachel Koontz
11 minute read

Why Get Certified in Extensions?

As a hairstylist, you may have considered offering extensions as a service at your salon, and you may be wondering if it’s worth getting certified. 

In this blog post, we’ll share some ideas for how and why to get certified in hair extensions as a next step in your career as a stylist.

Should I offer hair extensions?

You have a passion for hair, for helping people feel great, and for making an impact behind the chair. Offering hair extensions gives you more ways to support your clients and find the best solutions to all their hair needs.

Not only that, but adding extensions services can also help you expand your career and grow your business.

  • You’ll earn more income as you transition more of your clientele to extensions. 
  • You’ll be able to differentiate yourself among other stylists in your area.
  • You can beat burnout and boost inspiration for your work by learning something new.
  • You can offer incredible transformations for your clients and help them build confidence.
  • You can support clients who are experiencing hair loss.
  • As your business grows, you can find more work/life balance and spend less time behind the chair, giving you more opportunities to spend time with loved ones and do what you love.

Our team at Donna Bella Hair® is here to support you on your journey in your career. As an up-and-coming extension artist, you need quality resources and products you can trust to give your clients the best solutions to all their hair needs. 

How do I learn about hair extensions? Do I need to get certified?

Stylists who are new to extensions often wonder, Can I just learn from YouTube or from other stylists?

You could, but you won’t learn as much as you would from a full certification class. Additionally, you would be missing out on working with a stylist who is familiar with a particular product line. Every hair extension company’s methods and techniques are a little different. It's important that you learn from the brand that you buy your extensions from, as that brand’s educator team knows how to best install their own extensions.

One of the best parts of getting certified instead of trying to learn on your own is that you’ll avoid wasting time learning “the hard way.” You’ll be able to avoid dissatisfied clients and the risk of affecting your reputation as a stylist. Proper technique goes a long way and can make all the difference in how well the hair holds up over time.

Plus, you will need the skills to troubleshoot problems down the road. You may have clients who walk in with improperly installed hair extensions from a different stylist and you’ll want to know how you can help them.

Why should I choose Donna Bella Hair® Education?

We’ve been providing top quality hair and education since 2003. We are experts in hair extensions and how to install them, and our national stylist team of educators are passionate about empowering new stylists in their careers. 

Curious to learn more? If you’re a new stylist looking to get certified, check out our online certification courses. If you’ve already been working in extensions for a while, you might like our continuing education classes.   

Along with our premiere education offerings, the quality of our hair is very important to us. Product quality is the reason why stylists trust our hair extensions and accessories to work well for their clients and to last over time. We offer 100% Remy human hair in all our professional extension methods, meaning it’s the highest quality of human hair, less prone to tangling and provides long lasting wear. We are also passionate about ethical sourcing and sustainable manufacturing.

We offer a variety of professional methods including Tape-In, Hybrid Weft, Kera-Link, I-Link and Flat-Tip extensions. We want our stylists to be able to choose what works best for them and for their clients instead of feeling limited.

What will I learn in a hair extensions certification course?

Not only does each of our online certification courses cover the technical expertise of installation and maintenance, but you’ll also learn how to consult with clients and how to grow your clientele and keep guests satisfied with their new hair.

  • You’ll get intensive, hands-on training in how to consult clients, install, cut, blend, maintain and remove extensions.

  • You’ll learn proper technique along with common mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • You will learn how to price your services and how to build clientele in your local area.

  • You’ll also get info about hair quality, sourcing and sustainable manufacturing, so that you’re ready to answer any questions your clients may have.

What’s Included in Each Course

  • Access to online education modules and hi-res video content for 45 days

  • A starter kit with all the tools & supplies you need to get started with the method

  • 20% off your first order with us

What makes our courses unique or better from the other online courses out there?

  • You can complete the online training at your own pace, when it works for your schedule.

  • The high-res videos are easy to follow and you can rewatch them as many times as you’d like.

  • The courses are broken down into sections so you can learn one step at a time, without getting overwhelmed.

  • The information is thorough, organized, and includes helpful quizzes and take-home resources such as printable worksheets.

Do you offer in-person classes?

Yes! We offer classes at trade shows, in-person training for groups of 6 stylists or more, and an exclusive 2-Day VIP salon experience if you want to go all in and learn multiple methods. Visit our web page about In-Person education or contact us to learn more.

Why do stylists recommend our trainings over other brands?

Stylists who get certified through DBH love:

  • The quality of the training. Our educators have decades of experience and we practice what we teach. We offer in-depth information so that you can learn the best techniques the first time.

  • Knowing they are making a great investment. Most stylists make back what they invested in a class after just 1 or 2 install appointments.

  • Mentorship opportunities. Our 1-on-1 online coaching sessions give stylists an easy way to follow up after training. Not only do we help with installation or troubleshooting questions but we can also give you ideas for how to grow your business. 

  • 24/7 online access. With our trainings, you can watch and replay the videos as many times as you need to go over the information. Plus, the high definition and zoomed-in angles used in the videos make it easy to see what’s being taught.

  • The variety of methods taught. Our trainees love that they can choose which courses they want to take, or jump right in and do the complete course to learn all 4!

What are certified stylists saying about the training? 

“After becoming certified with Donna Bella Hair, my revenue grew almost 30%. Talk about a major career boost!”

- Jessi, Studio Owner and Stylist since 2010 

“Recommended! 10 out of 10. I didn’t have many clients, and through being certified by Donna Bella Hair, I was able to offer a luxury service and in my first year did about $19,600 in extension services alone. I recommend this to anyone in the hair industry!”

- Missy, Hairstylist who has been doing extensions since 2014

“Making a person feel confident because of their hair is the best part of a stylist's job. DBH has the best training because they care about healthy hair. Their products keep the hair's integrity. And the classes are easy to understand and comprehend. Just through word of mouth, I've had so many new clients wanting extensions because of how big a transformation you can create.”

-Danielle, Hairstylist since 2010

Which method should I choose to learn?

Depending on your clientele and their lifestyle choices, you may gravitate towards a particular method or set of methods. Or, you may want the freedom to be able to offer all of our pro methods and opt to take our comprehensive training that covers all 4 methods. Read on to learn some of the benefits of each method we offer.

Benefits of Offering Tape-In Extensions 

Tape-Ins are a stylist-preferred method with the fastest installation process.

  • Create a client transformation in less than an hour. This is a perfect entry for those who are just starting to install extensions, and also perfect for clients who are trying them for the first time. 

  • Seamless blend with your natural hair. Clients wanting semi-permanent extensions can get both volume and length with Tape-Ins. 

  • No tools needed to install. This is part of what makes the install process fast and easy.

  • Affordable price for your client. One of the standout qualities about Donna Bella Hair® is our competitive pricing. Tape-In extensions feature 10 individual wefts per pack to give full, voluminous coverage.

  • Clients will be back in your chair for maintenance. Tape-In extensions last 6-8 weeks in between move-up appointments and reused 1-3 times with proper care. 

Benefits of Offering Hybrid Weft Extensions

Hybrid Wefts have become one of the most popular methods, and for good reason. They combine the durability of Machine-Sewn wefts and the comfort of Hand-Tied wefts, making them a long-lasting, comfortable and easily customizable option.

  • More styling options. Do your clients want the option to wear their extensions up, down or in a combo of both? Thanks to Hybrid Weft customization, they can have it all. Tailor the client’s wefts to their hair needs without compromising its integrity. No adhesives, no unraveling. 

  • Offered in a variety of lengths and colors. Just like our other pro methods, we offer a lot of options for you to choose from so that you can color match accurately and choose the length that fits your client best. We have over 18 colors available in 18” and 22”.

  • See your satisfied customers return every few months. Hybrid Weft extensions last 6-8 weeks in between move-up appointments and reused 1-3 times with proper care. 

Benefits of Offering Kera-Link Extensions 

Kera-Link extensions, also called Fusion, stand out because of their strand by strand installation, making them an ideal method to achieve full hair movement. Here are some of the benefits of Kera-Link extensions.

  • Customizable options for all. With the pre-tip keratin bond, you can cut down the links to customize the size and install of your clients. Whether you’re installing full-link or micro-links, you’ll create a seamless blend with their natural hair. 

  • Perfect for clients who wear their hair up or down. Single-strand extensions allow for free-flowing movement so you can create unique hairstyles without exposing the attachment on the hair. 

  • Long-lasting extensions for clients who are all in! Kera-Link extensions last 3-6 months and reused 1-2 times with the proper care. 

  • Ideal for curly and wavy-textured hair. We offer this method in curly and wavy-textured hair so you can cater to a wider client base. 

Benefits of Offering Beaded Extensions

Beaded is another versatile method. We offer two different types of beaded extensions, I-Link and Flat-Tip.

  • No glue or heat required. With the right tools, you can install and remove these single-strand extensions with ease. 

  • No bead exposure on updos. Does your client wear their hair up but still wants to achieve volume and length. They can have it all with I-Links and Flat-Tips. 

  • Durable extensions for the win. Beaded extensions last 6-8 weeks and reused 1-3 times with the proper care. 

  • Ideal for curly and wavy-textured hair. No need to turn away your client’s with textured hair! I-Link extensions are perfect for blending curls and waves for a wide-range of curl types. 

  • Flat-Tips for flexibility. Flat-Tip extensions combine both the benefits of I-Links and Tape-Ins for comfort and 360-degree movement. 

 What tools do I need to install hair extensions?

Tools & Supplies

Each extension method requires different tools and supplies to install and remove the hair. If you’re signed up for online or in-person education with Donna Bella Hair®, you’ll receive a tool starter kit in the method you’re learning. This helps ensure that you have everything you need instead of shopping for a number of different products.

If you’re already certified but need a new set of tools, you can buy a tool kit any time.

Donna Bella Hair® offers Tape-In Hair Extension Starter Kit, Kera-Link Hair Extension Starter Kit, I-Link/Flat-Tip Starter Kit, and the Ultimate Hair Extension Starter Kit. 

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