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I would assume that anyone who has hair extensions or who spends top dollar at fancy salons would know that at home hair care is of up most importance in keeping their salon job in good condition. So when I heard this story about a woman named Sarah Ward, a 36-year-old mother of two, i was certainly surprised.

Sarah sued Rumi Simone Inc., claiming that they are responsible for the bad hair day she has been having for the last year and a half because of her hair falling out. Her hair has been snapping off at the scalp, and she claims the services she got at the salon are to blame.

And the attorney for the Lake Oswego salon emphasized that Wards failure to follow salon advice caused it to fall out. Ward sought $50,000 for "humiliation, depression and the cost of hair extensions." But she didn't receive a penny of it. They jury concluded that the salon was not at fault for Wards poor at home hair care.

The Lesson here is simple. If you are going to have hair extensions or pay professionals to do your hair, make sure you listen to their advice and take care of it after you leave the salon. Afterall, the hair stylists certainly cant follow you home and make sure you are doing your part to keep your hair attached to your head.