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October 17, 2010


I have a fussy client who never seems to be satisfied.  Like many other clients, she wants to try hair extensions.  I’ve been putting her off for about two months because I’m afraid that if I put them in, she will find some reason or another to complain and ask for her money back.  What should I do?

Burel G – Helena, Montana


Even when a service is free, some customers are never satisfied.  To protect yourself, have a consult with this client, where she chooses the hair color and method of application.

Explain in very clear terms, that there is a non-refundable deposit of 50% when ordering her hair.  And be clear that the length of time that extensions stay in, depends upon the person’s care for the extensions.

As an alternative, you may also suggest that she “try” five or six strands of extensions, cut to the current length of her hair, so that she gets the feel of extensions prior to doing a full head.  Of course you need to charge her for this service, so that she doesn’t get the idea that you will discount the full-length extensions later on.

Customers are unhappy when expectations are not met.  A good open conversation should fix that.  If you clearly communicate every aspect of the process, and get her approval, then she may turn out to be one of your most vocal supporters.

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