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December 17, 2010


I had hair extensions put in last week that were not made by Donna Bella Milan.

Printed on the back of the package were the words, “Human Hair With Silicone”. What are the benefits of silicone and do I need to do anything special to care for extensions with silicone? Please answer even though my stylist didn’t use your product.

Justi, B. – Bullhead City, Arizona


Some manufacturers claim that silicone adds shine to the hair, protects the extensions, and keeps hair from tangling. For a very short period of time, those benefits are somewhat true. But after you expose your human hair extensions to the sun, wind, environmental toxins, blow dryers, shampoo, and conditioners, the silicone disappears and no longer does what it was suppose to do.

From that point on, hair extensions dry-out, tangle easily, and loose their fake luster.

Human hair manufacturers use silicone to improve the look and feel of hair so that it appears to be ultra soft. Much like apple producers who wax and polish their apples prior to delivering them to stores so that the customer thinks they are getting a superior product. It’s just not true.

By purchasing top quality Remy human hair, there is no need to add silicone to hair extensions. Silicone often hides poor quality. Donna Bella hair extensions are 100% silicone free.

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