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October 16, 2010


How can our salon take advantage of the Halloween holiday to promote hair extensions or other services?

Santana R. – Colorado Springs, Colorado


One of our favorite hair extension salons in De Moines, Iowa has Halloween marketing down to a science.  Here are five suggestions that make their holiday season profitable.

1)  Decorate the salon three weeks (no fewer than two weeks) prior to the holiday, by creating a Halloween theme.

2)  Highlight each stylist’s hair with free fashion highlights that contrast dramatically with their own hair color.  Use heavy eye liner and make-up to emphasize the seasonal fun.

3)  Have a marathon evening calling session using all salon employees.  Invite past and potential customers to an all-day Saturday open house Halloween party.  (Food, Cider, Face Painting, & Hair Extensions).

4)  Offer your customers a deal on fashion strands for their Halloween parties, especially for their teenage daughters.

5)  Build a Halloween customer contact-list so that you create a tradition of fun and profits.

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