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Salon customers buy what they see.  So why not fill your shop with over sized photos of beautiful girls with natural hair extensions?

For years, successful merchandisers have used photo images of people to capture customers attention.  Think of the variety of chains that provide shoppers with a unique experience because of how they decorate their stores.  Companies from Old Navy to Victoria’s Secret have built their image around photo displays scattered throughout their stores.

You may want to consider what in-store photos might do to boost the perception that you specialize in hair extensions.  Super sized posters are an inexpensive way to tell the world that you are an extension pro.

Here is what you can do.  Start by thumbing through some magazines to locate some models or celebrities who have long hair.  We have to assume that many of their hairstyles are the result of great hair extensions.  Clip out a variety of photos and be sure to use pictures that have no text or words printed over the top of the model.

Next, choose four or five photos that look like they fit together from the standpoint of design.  Consider using a variety of pictures that reflect different personalities, ages, and ethnic backgrounds.

Survey the wall space in your salon as if you were displaying pieces of art.  Consider painting the wall behind where the images are to be hung to match something that blends with the photo.  For example, if the model has a large gold necklace, a coat of gold paint would blend the wall and the photo together.  Various colored paint panels could be used throughout the salon.  If the photo is dark, use light wall color or vice versa.

Now, decide how large the photo should be to maximize the wall space.  A larger photo with little wall space is usually the best formula.

It’s time to find someone who will enlarge the photos you have chosen.  Check with your local print shops, office supply stores, or copy specialists.  My favorite posters come from  Everything can be ordered online or over the telephone.  You can even mail your photo images directly to Postersize-it.

Postersize-it has great prices.  A 20” x 28 “ paper poster is only $26.28.  Now that is cheap art.  And the same size canvas poster sells for $46.20.

Remember that depending upon your budget, you can create posters made from paper, canvas, cloth, or vinyl.

Consider two issues.  The smaller the photo the harder it is to reproduce a good large print.  And the larger the print the grainier or fuzzier the photo will be.

So turn your salon into a hair extension art exhibit.  People buy and try what they see.  If they don’t see it, they may never buy it.

Logan is founder of Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and lashes and author of the Donna Bella weblog.