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Donna Bella has updated and expanded its hair extension tool line. These new tools are primarily used for the I-Link (beaded) hair extensions, but they also can be used to help remove Kera-Link (fusion) bonds. In this three part blog series, we’re exploring each one of our new tools. This week is the Luxe Hair Extension Tool.

The Luxe has a very modern, simple design. It’s extremely versatile and durable and made of a light, high quality stainless steel. We created this tool for stylists who are serious about beaded hair extensions and spend a lot of time working with the method. We wanted to create a tool they can count on.

Whereas the Classic is best for only Grooved and Silicone beads, the Luxe can handle all hair extension beads - including Flare Beads. The Luxe is more complex and has more functionality than other hair extension tools.

The head of the tool is loaded with special features. The flat tip crimps Silicone and Grooved Beads, and a square-shaped pocket designed for crimping Flare Beads. There is also a small section of ridges that is perfect for breaking up Kera-Link bonds prior to removal. Finally, there’s a special eye that uncrimps all I-Link beads.

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