Taking care of real hair extensions while you travel doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right products and instructions, you can don your best hair everywhere. Here is Donna Bella’s list of recommended travel tools, designed for ultra-portability and easy maintenance.

Hair Travel Kit

Cover all your hair care bases with the Hair Travel Kit from our Remy Care line! Complete with TSA-compliant bottles of Argan Oil, KeraExtend Serum, KeraExtend Conditioner, and KeraExtend Shampoo for hair extensions, this kit ensures you can ditch those low-grade hotel products for good!

Hair Extension Brush

Our 100% boar hair bristle brush is specifically designed for 100% Human Remy, real hair extensions. Unlike generic brushes, this Hair Extension Brush will glide seamlessly over your extension bonds, gently untangling knots while pulling the natural oils from your scalp down through the lengths of your hair. Stock up on a couple of them to make sure you always have one handy--including one for your carry-on luggage to cover those in-flight touch-ups!

Dry Shampoo

Keep your hair and hair extensions looking clean and smelling fresh with dry shampoo! Perfect for hectic holiday travel, dry shampoo takes the place of a conventional shower, helping you keep your hair extensions hydrated through the season. All you have to do is spray it through your roots and tousle your hair to help it set. You can also apply it before bed to naturally style your hair, waking up with beautifully wavy tresses without almost any effort!


Just like your own hair, real hair extensions need soft hair ties to prevent needless breakage. Carry a pack of Twisties with you on your holiday travels so you can pull your hair back quickly and safely wherever you go. Best part is, they leave no lines or crimps in your hair! Twisties come in pink, black, brown, or clear to match any festive attire.

100% Human Single Clip-Ins

If you’re a wearer of semi-permanent, real hair extensions, you may find that every now and then a strand or weft falls out due to natural hair shedding. Make sure this doesn’t get in the way of any holiday hairdos by bringing some emergency 100% Human Single Clip-Ins to replace any lost locks. Make sure to hold onto those semi-permanent pieces, too, so you can have them re-installed once you return home.

The Sono Trio

If you wear Ready-to-Wear extensions regularly and choose to bring them with you on holiday, make sure you’ve got a Sono Extension Hanger, Sono Sleeve, and Sono Extension Brush packed in your luggage to properly care for your hair. These products will keep your real hair extensions clean, organized, and smooth straight through to the New Year (and beyond!).

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