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Our next installation of stylist nightmares covers the topic of hair extensions and moisture. Where’s the nightmare in that? Well, let me tell you chilling story that a stylist shared with us.

This particular stylist had a client with very thick and coarse hair. She’d had Kera-Link hair extensions installed in her hair, and had been diligently having them maintained every 3 ½ months over the course of a year. However, the last time this stylist serviced the client, she hadn’t been seen in over 4 months. She was ready for a new head of extensions, but kept mentioning “spots” in her hair and on her scalp. Apparently, she’d stopped fully drying her hair, and let it stay damp for extended periods of time. Well, you can guess what those “spots” might have been: mold! That’s right. The client had patches of mold scattered throughout her hair and her scalp.  The mortified stylist quickly removed the extensions, and encouraged the client to give her hair a rest.

Quite unpleasant, no? The take home message here is not to let hair stay wet, especially at bedtime. Damp hair, coupled with the friction of your head on the pillow, can actually exacerbate shedding. Just as a damp bathroom floor becomes a veritable breeding ground for mold and mildew, so too can scalp that’s left wet for too long. Now, don’t worry. We’re talking about extended periods of time here, multiple hours at a time. The general rule of thumb still stands though. Don’t go to bed with wet hair, allow it to dry thoroughly and put it in a loose braid or ponytail. Don’t overdo it with the heat either. If you’re going to use a heat tool, try to apply a heat-protectant to your hair and use low hair dryer settings.

Remember, these are extreme cases meant to serve as cautionary reminders...but the point still stands. Let your hair dry thoroughly to prevent any fuzzy green invaders from setting up shop on your scalp!

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