NEW! grays in HYW and Tape-Ins
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Most of us are visual learners, especially when it comes to the art of hair, correct? So there is no better way to learn specific tricks and tips—unless you are physically being taught one-on-one by a master of hair extensions. Yes we have education and tools online that you can use to help you improve and get started. However, there are always those “What-ifs?” and “I’m not sure if I’m doing this right” questions and concerns that linger in our minds. We like the reassurance of having a pro watching over us to give us confirmation. That is exactly why Ruben Martinez and the rest of the Donna Bella Hair Team have taken the time to make this tour possible.

Use it as an excuse. Excuses have a negative connotation to them, but in this case, use it for a positive reason. Find the nearest event to you, round up your stylist friends, and head down for a day or a weekend of intense training, fun, and play. We’ve got you covered with overnight accommodations, goodies, and high-end dinners with Ruben and the rest of the team.

Get intense. As part of the package deal, we give you all the tools needed to train in all three methods; I-Link, Kera-Link, and Tape-In. We do this so that you can use these tools as part of your hands-on training. Our goal is to make you incredibly comfortable with each method, so that you can leave with overt confidence in your ability to provide any service to any client. The training is designed to give you the most attention possible so that you can learn at your own pace and get each one of your questions answered. Have trouble with slippage? Our educators will give you the secrets and tips to make that a thing of the past. Want to improve your custom coloring skills? Ruben will turn you into a master hair extension colorist. . There are so many possibilities!

Make more money. That is our goal after all, isn’t it? Providing more than one service that allows you to cater to many more clients? Just because a stylist provides several services doesn’t mean they’re better off. It takes a stylist who provides confident, reliable, amazing services to keep loyal clients and increase their revenue through word-of-mouth. Although we can’t provide you with personality, we can, however, give you the confidence you need to provide those key elements in all of your hair extension services, and to make you the best in town. Your work speaks for itself. Shouldn’t you amaze them?

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