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“The older you get the shorter the hair.” Who came up with this misleading concept anyway? One of the biggest mistakes you can make when getting older is to chop off your hair. Why? Having a real short hair cut adds years to your look because you’re calling more attention to your facial features such as lines and wrinkles. Any stylist will agree that the style is more important than length. So the short answer is no, you’re never too old for hair extensions. For a few ideas on how to use hair extensions to revamp your look and take away a few years, read on…

Layers. Layers are a great way to frame your face because they soften your facial features and provide volume. As we get older our hair will thin out, which is another element that makes us look older. Build up volume and thickness by adding a few hair extension strands, if you prefer not to have a full head of them. Ask your stylist for layers that will provide the right frame for your face, build volume, and show off the thickness of your hair and hair extensions.

Highlights. You should be placing different tones of highlights around your face and at the top of your head to make your skin look warm and young. Different tones of highlights also provide dimension. You don’t have to put your natural hair through the coloring process either. With hair extensions, you can choose which colors you want and which method you prefer (I-Link, Kera-Link, or Tape-In) to accomplish the look without any damage to your natural hair. You should stay away from just one solid color. No matter your hair color, if it has no dimension, it will make you look older and can make a great cut and/or style look dull.

Cover-up. Syrra Salon in West Virginia recently sent us a before and after picture of a client who had a bald spot at the top of her head (featured below). By adding a few Donna Bella hair extension pieces, the stylist was able to cover it up, looking completely natural. If it wasn’t for the before picture, we wouldn’t have been able to tell!

Hair extensions aren’t just a trend, they are also a lifestyle, and in some cases life savers!  Still have a few questions? Drop us a line below; we’d love to help out!