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You’ve gotten your extensions installed and you’re ready to show the world your new style. However, you’re not one to leave your hair stick-straight every day—you’re into glamorous curls and beachy waves, too! But now that your hair is longer and fuller, it takes more time to get those gorgeous styles, so now you’re on the hunt for tools that will help make styling as quick as possible!

Fun fact: for the past year or two the new trend in hair curling has been the curling wand. If you don’t own one, we recommend looking into it! You probably have a curling iron, but yours might be too small, take too long to heat up, or just be due for replacing. The wand is similar to the curling iron, but it has no clamp, so there’s no annoying “clamp line” after you use it. The wands also come in a variety of shapes—more than you’ll find with a normal curling iron. We love the cone-shaped wand, which gives your hair a super natural look, creating loose waves at the top of each strand and a tighter curl at the bottom. Many wands even come with several differently-shaped barrels, which can be interchanged as often as you’d like, making it very easy to achieve a variety of different looks. If you use a special heat-protecting glove, it’s super quick and easy to wrap a strand around the wand (without worrying about burning your hand), hold it for as long as you need to, and just let it go when you’re done! These wands can make curling go a bit faster, which is great for reducing the amount of heat you’re applying to your extensions and natural hair.

As with all heat products, always make sure to apply a heat protectant spray and always use medium or low settings to keep from damaging and drying out your extensions.

The curling wands can be used on all of our human hair extensions, be they I-Link, Kera-Link, Tape-In, or Clip-In. Just always be extra careful not to get heat tools and other styling products too close to the bonds or the beads because they can damage the bonds or cause them to slip.

Have you tried a curling wand before? Do you prefer it over the classic curling iron? Let us know!