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Good news, Curly Sue! We’ve got curls just for you!

For curly-haired girls, extensions can be somewhat intimidating when it comes to finding a matching curl, styling the hair just right, and maintaining the extensions. However, if you didn’t know already, Donna Bella just launched new, curly extensions with a tighter, kinkier curl that perfectly matches those gorgeous, natural ringlets in your hair. They are 22” long and available in both I-Link and Kera-Link. Still on the fence about getting extensions with your curly hair? Let us tell you why you should give our curls a try!

Curly haired girls have to be picky about their hair extensions, trust me, I know. With our curly hair you don’t have to worry about trying to match it with your natural hair or worry about the work of styling, you’ll always be ready to go!

Bye-bye frizz! One of the daily battles that comes with having curly hair is the frizz fight. Although adding anti-frizz creams may help a little, extensions can also help and here’s why: by placing extensions in your hair, the length and weight of the extra hair helps weigh down your hair so it’s less poofy and the extensions’ ringlets can hide any not-so-perfect strands.

Longer hair—finally! Growing out curly hair is really difficult— it seems like it takes forever! So, if it’s long tresses you can’t wait for, then try our curly hair extensions! Leave them at their longest (22”) or cut a bit off if you’re not looking for that much length.

Shop Donna Bella’s curly hair! Get Kera-Link here and I-Link here.

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