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Fine, thin, straight hair, yes these words unfortunately cover the basics of what I deal with everyday. I used to be so frustrated because I just did not know where to begin. I wanted the voluminous sexy curls the Kardashians rocked, well I figured out not only how to get those sexy curls, but how to get them to last.

Take your shower at night, shampoo your hair, and use light conditioner on the ends.

Blow out your hair 75% dry, then sleep on it.

You will wake up with a little kink here and there.

Then put your hair into a tight messy messy bun.

Wear that for about 2-3 hours, or as long as you can until you need your curly look.

When you take out your messy bun, do not brush it. Simply spray in some working hair spray (this is the wet kind), and section your hair into small sections starting in the back and curl everything.

After you pull your hair out of the curling iron, cool down the curl by squeezing it with your hand.

After you have curled all your hair, DO NOT TOUCH IT. Spray it with some aerosol hairspray and let it set. The longer is sets, the longer it lasts!

Right before you are ready to head out run your finger through it and tease the crown area just a little for a little height.

Another little spritz of hairspray and you have got sexy glamorous curls that will last all night long!