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One of the most difficult parts of the hair extension installation process is deciding how many packs to use. What makes this step so difficult is that there’s no clear cut formula. It will vary depending on your client’s hair thickness, texture, style, and desired end result, as well as the method selected. It’ll also depend on another key consideration: extension spacing. So how do hair extension stylists go about calculating the ideal number of packs, or arranging the perfect...
Fine, thin, straight hair, yes these words unfortunately cover the basics of what I deal with everyday. I used to be so frustrated because I just did not know where to begin. I wanted the voluminous sexy curls the Kardashians rocked, well I figured out not only how to get those sexy curls, but how to get them to last. Take your shower at night, shampoo your hair, and use light conditioner on the ends. Blow out your hair 75%...
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