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How To Install Tape-In Hair Extensions

While anyone can install tape-ins, we highly recommend that tape-in hair extensions be installed solely by a trained and licensed salon professional. To avoid a bad hair extension experience and to protect your investment, do not attempt to do your own tape-ins.

There are many reasons why stylists go to school to get extensive training on techniques and products, especially when it comes to blending. With that said, if you’re a determined self-starter, a cosmetologist, or just down a research rabbit hole, we’ll break down the installation steps for you right here!

How Many Tape-In Hair Extensions to Use for a Full Head

How many packs of extensions you need generally depend upon the hair they’re going into. There are 10 wefts that come in each Donna Bella Tape-In pack. For someone that has average length, thickness, layering, and texture, you will be using four to six packs of hair.

For shorter or thicker hair, you will be using six to eight packs. Finally, for extremely thin or fine hair, plan on using three to five packs of hair. Fewer packs of hair may be used, but this is usually in circumstances where weight and volume are the focus, rather than length.

Further, for someone who wears their hair up frequently, you need to place the wefts where they can be hidden easily for updo hairstyles. If you’re a stylist, this is a question you should ask before starting the installation process so that, if you need to cut them down in size, you may do so.

How to Prep the Hair

For the initial installation, start with clean and clarified hair. That means conditioner should only be applied below the mid-shaft after shampooing! Clarified hair means you’re stripping the hair of any moisture, including the oils the scalp produces.

The best way to get clarified hair is to use a clarifying shampoo that doesn’t contain moisturizers, and then let the hair air dry. The hair may be blow dried, just make sure that no heat protectant, gloss, or anything has been placed on the hair.

Applying the Tape-In Extensions

Try to come in contact with the tape as little as possible (or better yet, not at all). By placing your fingers on the tape, you’re transferring the oils from your finger onto the tape, which will cause the extensions to slip.

Do not take the backing off of the tape and stick it on your finger while sectioning hair. Simply section the hair first and then use your nail to lift the backing from the tape, keeping your fingers away from the tape as you peel it, while placing the weft onto the sectioned hair. When you seal the weft, make sure there are no air bubbles.

By aligning the top and bottom tape correctly you will avoid this problem. Make sure you get the correct amount of hair between the wefts and tape. After you have placed your first weft, the amount of hair that sticks when you lift it is the right amount. Clean up the hairs that have stuck and then apply your second weft. Getting too much hair between the wefts can (and generally will) cause early slippage.

How Long Should Tape-In Hair Extensions Last?

Tape-ins are meant to last six to eight weeks before they need to be moved up, depending on the rate of the hair’s growth. They may be reused up to three times. Keeping a solid move-up schedule and using good replacement tape will help you get the most mileage out of the extensions.

Have an installation question? You know what to do. Drop it in the comment box below; we’re always happy to help our Donna Bellas! Ready to get started with tape-ins? Check out our full collection of bold styles and the best lengths & colors by clicking here!


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