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In our attempt to better familiarize you with our premium hair extension tools, here’s our next installment in our series of bead posts, specifically covering Flare Beads!

They're Long and Thin 
Donna Bella flare beads are longer and thinner (3.5 mm) than Grooved or Silicone beads, making them functional for I-Link (or “beaded”) extensions, that conceal completely into the hair.

They’re made of Copper
Flare beads are made of copper (grooved beads are made of aluminum and silicone beads are aluminum with a silicone lining). This means they’re very malleable, lightweight and (as mentioned earlier) easy to conceal. They’re also heat resistant and won’t fade or rust.

Use them with the Loop Tool
Because of their shape, flare beads work ideally with the Donna Bella Loop Tool. Simply string the beads onto the tool (up to 50 at a time!) and then thread the client's hair and pre-tipped extension weft inside the bead. The Loop Tool can also crimp the bead closed to hold the hair securely inside. To remove the bead and release the hair, just clamp the bead in the opposite direction.

Great for Fine or Thin Hair
Some clients may find that beaded extensions strain the individual strands of hair. Because of their lightweight construction, flare beads are handy to those clients with fine or thin hair. They won’t put as much weight on the individual strands, but they’ll still hold the hair in place safe and secure.

More Resources
For more information on beads, extensions and any of those pesky slippage issues, please consult our other helpful blogs on the subject, or contact us directly! We’re happy to help answer any questions!