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In our attempt to better familiarize you with our premium hair extension tools, here’s our next installment in our series of bead posts, specifically covering Flare Beads! They're Long and Thin  Donna Bella flare beads are longer and thinner (3.5 mm) than Grooved or Silicone beads, making them functional for I-Link (or “beaded”) extensions, that conceal completely into the hair. They’re made of Copper Flare beads are made of copper (grooved beads are made of aluminum and silicone beads are...
This week's featured staff pick is from Megan from our marketing department. I've been wearing hair extensions on and off since I began working for Donna Bella. Even though I already have lots of hair naturally, I like extensions because I can add color and dimension without coloring my hair. I’m wearing 18” Tape-Ins in colors #2 and #4 (2 packs of each). My own hair is naturally between #6 and #8 and I wanted to add some low lights/quasi-ombre....
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