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Our guest blogger is back this week! Lauren Winans is a singer and songwriter from Nashville who loves wearing Donna Bella hair extensions. This weeks, Lauren gives us some tips from her very own glam squad that helps her hair look amazing.

Meet Glynnis Garcia and Jeanna Jones, both from Aura Salon in Nashville.  Jeanna is the owner of Aura Salon. Aura is my official salon for all things dealing with my extensions!  Glynnis is a certified Donna Bella Hair Extensionist.

When I first met Glynnis, she had a little table set out with the hair perfectly placed and ready to be fused in. She even had a cute little leopard cape for me to wear while I was getting my extensions done!

I recently talked with Glynnis and Jeanna about how much they love Donna Bella Hair themselves.

Lauren: Why did you choose to be certified in Donna Bella over all the other extension brands out there?

Glynnis: I have found that the methods that Donna Bella offers are amazing. A lot of companies only offer one or two methods. I love to learn, and if I'm going to be learning something, I want to know every which way possible. Every client has different needs, and no one's hair is the same either. I needed a company who will ensure I can provide the service to my clients needs. Also,  unnatural colors is a huge trend right now. Not everyone wants the damage from coloring their hair to get that. Donna Bella's color selection is wide and vibrant! Perfect for clients who want that edge!

L: What is the best part of owning a salon that does extensions? And why did you choose to be a Donna Bella salon?

Jeanna: As a salon owner, I always want to bring to my clients and my team of stylists the best possible products and tools available! I love being able to offer hair extensions for volume, length, a color change, or the clip-in for a night on the town, a photo-shoot, or anytime! It's all about options.  Donnabella has the most superior hair in the world.

Donna Bella offers the latest technology and choices in the hair extension industry, to best suit any client’s needs and lifestyle. Kera-Link, I-Link, Tape-In or Clip-In.  Plus, the hair is so gorgeous, and the colors are so beautiful and blend-able to anyone's hair whether going for a natural look or a dramatic change!

We love working with Donna Bella’s customer service department as well, the are so friendly, knowledgeable, and super efficient. Donna Bella is a pleasure to work with and offer the best products on the market. We know our clients are getting the best hair extensions and latest technology in the industry and that is what it's all about at Aura Salon!

L: When you did my extensions, how could you tell that my hair would be able to hold these extensions, even though my hair is so thin?

G: Donna Bella's Kera-links are light-weight keratin bonds. A lot of people think just because their hair is fine, it won't hold. Definitely not the case...especially with proper training, education, and technique the stylist gets when certified. They teach you how to work with people with all kinds of density. With you, I was watching my sectioning, making sure they were consistent with each other. Not too big but not too small. Also, I was mapping out where I was going to place them.

I absolutely adore Jeanna and Glynnis for their amazing job with extensions. It is very important that you find a certified stylist so that you get the best experience possible and the best maintenance tips. Donna Bella is all about the best! I am so excited to be partnered up with such a wonderful company.

You can now access a free download of my song "You're Gonna Luv It" through Donna Bella! Click on this link http://www.laurenwinans.com/donnabellahairpromo and just fill out the short form below. Hurry, offer is only for the first 50 people. I know "you're gonna luv it!"