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Our guest blogger is back this week! Lauren Winans is a singer and songwriter from Nashville who loves wearing Donna Bella hair extensions. This weeks, Lauren gives us some tips from her very own glam squad that helps her hair look amazing. Meet Glynnis Garcia and Jeanna Jones, both from Aura Salon in Nashville.  Jeanna is the owner of Aura Salon. Aura is my official salon for all things dealing with my extensions!  Glynnis is a certified Donna Bella Hair...
We want to welcome our guest blogger, up-and-coming singer Lauren Winans. Lauren was kind enough to share her hair extension experience with us. Hi everyone! I am Lauren Winans. I am a singer/songstress and total girly girl who is in love with Donna Bella Hair Extensions! I am going to be blogging on how to extension style, maintenance, and much more. I personally have been wearing Donna Bella hair for a several months. I have the 18 inch Kera-Links. This...
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