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We want to welcome our guest blogger, up-and-coming singer Lauren Winans. Lauren was kind enough to share her hair extension experience with us.

Hi everyone! I am Lauren Winans. I am a singer/songstress and total girly girl who is in love with Donna Bella Hair Extensions! I am going to be blogging on how to extension style, maintenance, and much more. I personally have been wearing Donna Bella hair for a several months. I have the 18 inch Kera-Links. This hair is bonded in so well that I have had no slipping. Every single piece of hair is still in place, just like the first day I had them inserted. Keep in mind, I had to find a stylist who was certified in Donna Bella Extensions. I wouldn't just want anyone gluing hair to my head! Donna Bella not only offers fusion extensions; they also offer Beaded, Tape-In, and Clip-Ins. There is something for everyone.

I chose the Kera-Links because I had already had the beaded and the clip in extensions. I had a different brand, but I still knew I was ready for the fused-in hair. It is super easy for me to fix my own hair this way. I have baby fine hair, so Clip-In extensions tend to show if i move my head too much on stage or in a photo shoot. That is why I like the Kera-Links. They come in packs of 20 strands of hair and your extensionist uses her bonding tool to glue them in. (Don't be scared! They have remover.) The extensions come out and does not damage your real hair as long as you keep up with your maintenance. I was always told to braid my hair so that it isn't flying all over the place on my pillow creating a rat’s nest! You can braid into pig tails or one single braid down your back and your hair should be secure.

I quickly learned that maintenance is very important when you have hair extensions. If you do not properly take care of the extensions, you will lose them sooner or have breakage of your own hair. I keep multiple natural bristle brushes on hand because the bristles can go through your spaces where the hair was placed. Donna Bella actually has their own hair extension brush, which I recommend buying!

I will be talking with my own glam squad about all the ways to keep your hair looking great and updating you with what I keep learning about it myself. Keep up with me on and right here on