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The weather outside is nice, the salon is hot, and all you want to do is sit under a tree, soaking it all in. We get it. Spring fever is a real thing, whether it involves getting allergy-sick or just plain sluggish, and it can happen to stylists just as much as anyone else. It’s even worse if you’ve been working hard all winter (which we know you have) and you get a double dose of spring fever and burnout-related fatigue. So how do you fight off the lethargy and get back to your energetic self? We’ve got some tips:

Open all the blinds. If you want that glorious sunlight, let yourself have it. Open the blinds, dim the interior lights, and let the natural light fill your space unhindered. Sunshine is great for making you feel awake, and also for keeping your happiness hormones going. Crack a window while you’re at it, too, for some good old fresh air--unless someone is dealing with really bad allergies, in which case…

Install an air purifier. Allergies are no joke, and they can seriously put a damper on your spring and summer. If you’ve got the itchy-sneezy variety of spring fever--or someone who spends time in your salon does--try installing an air purifier. It’ll help to remove allergens from the inside air and keep your space feeling fresh as a springtime breeze.

Add a scent. Good smells can immediately boost your mood, and even increase your productivity. Plus, they add charm and character to a space and are just generally nice to have. Try something like candles, reed diffusers, or even potpourri, among many other things. Or you can invest in a plug-in scent diffuser like this.

Play some music. Whether it’s something upbeat to get you moving, or something a little slow and introspective to mirror your mood, music is a healing art that can help you deal with your emotions while you work. Plus, customers tend to love it, too.

Switch things up. If you haven’t performed your spring cleaning duties in your salon, you absolutely should. Spring is a time when everything feels new again, and if your working space doesn’t get an update to match the season, you might start to feel stuck. Make the place feel like it did when it was new, or reorganize the setup to create a different feel. Clear those cobwebs out of your mind, and from under your seat, too.

Take a break. Still feel a bit blue? Or, worse, are you legitimately under the weather? Stay home! It’s okay to take a break now and then, and spring/summer is typically a great time to do it. Give yourself permission to plan a day for yourself or your family. You can even take a break without taking a workday off! Invite some of your coworkers out after hours for some bonding and seasonal fun. The world is your oyster.

Reinvigorate your practice. Maybe you’re dealing with something a little more profound than just spring fever or a little burnout. Maybe you’re starting to feel tired with your work, or limited in your prospects. That’s normal, and, luckily, there are some easy fixes for it. Here at DB, we always offer stylists opportunities for professional development and continued education, and experiences with other stylists from around the country. Look into one of our Pro Series events, or catch us at a Trade Show to get to know the gang. They’re a lot of fun, and they’re designed to kick your career into the next level.

What’s your advice for beating spring fever? Did you try any of these tips? Let us know how it went in the comments below!