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New seasons are a great opportunity for a style update, and summer typically means tanner skin and lighter hair. But while we all know the caveats of tanning skin (use plenty of SPF and opt for fake tanners to avoid skin damage!) we might not be as familiar with those of lightening hairespecially when hair extensions are involved. Make sure that your hair transformation and summer upkeep goes along without any hair care hiccups, even without too much extra effort!

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Do not bleach hair extensions

If you want to lighten your hair, bleach and color only your natural locks (if they are healthy enough to undergo that procedure). If you use hair extensions, switch them out for a lighter set, and feel free to deposit color to arrive at the perfect shade. If you like to update your hair with each season, we recommend keeping seasonal hair extension sets that you can return to again and again for damage-free color updates.

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Use protective styles when swimming to avoid mineral discoloration

Chlorine and salt water can wreak havoc on any head of hair, but they’re especially onerous for blonde locks. The mineral deposits that can build up on hair from pool or seawater exposure will be more evident on light hair than dark, even to the extent of altering the hair color itself! Prevent undesired color alterations by saturating your hair with cold water and/or conditioner before swimming, and by throwing it into a tight protective updo (like a milkmaid braid). Swim caps won’t hurt, either!

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Keep a color correcting shampoo on hand

All colored hair will bleed slightly each time that it’s washed, meaning that you’ll lose color saturation over time. This is especially true for blonde hair colors, as they are already less pigmented than darker hair shades. Slow down this process by keeping a mild coloring shampoo on hand to restore tone (for example, correcting brassiness) and revive color, and use it on a rotation with your standard hair extension-safe shampoo. A good rule of thumb is to use a color correcting shampoo after every 2nd or 3rd shower.

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